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Bridge Constructor Portal review
by Serge Ulankin

Bridge Constructor Portal joins… ehm… portals and bridge construction. The game is goofy enough and has mildly funny jokes, there's good level design and also the gameplay is very meditative as you can build up the most economically uneffective construction to deliver all trains from A to B, and the game is perfectly fine with that. In a way, there's the only opponent in the game – yourself. So if you want to tweak with the level and build the most absurd but yet effective bridge that will collapse just right after the last train goes over it – because hey, if that works, it isn't stupid! – you can tweak all you want to your own satisfaction.

This is probably the most important difference between this game and World of Goo, from which it borrows heavily – from the concept of building simple yet effective and self-supporting triangular construcions to the vacuum tube at the end of the level where you have to deliver small black living creatures.

This is a good game to casually play from time to time. I'd recommend this to anyone who like construcion puzzles, cute violence, and just want to relax from some highbrow AAA blockbuster games.
«Sit back and relax»

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Clear Recommendation. If you like to work on a solution for a Long time, you have come to the right place. The Scope is clearly fine for the Price. There was a little Dampener for me despite this. Almost ridiculous, because the Level Count is clear from the Start, the End came a bit abruptly for me. Since you get to see the virtual Cost of the particular Design, but it is not limited by it, I was sure that after the completion of all Levels, you should end it again with now Determined funds. Unfortunately, that was not the Case. Maybe there will be an Update. Until then, the Display of Funding is redundant and irritating. In the higher Levels, however, the financial Constraint would certainly be frustrating. The Levels are sometimes very large and complex. If You end up running out of funds and have to watch where he can make Savings elsewhere, perhaps the Motivation still passes by, but for me this Genre is what makes me. I hope I could spare those who would fare in a similar Way to me this little disappointment.
Translated by
Microsoft from Italian
Game made with excellent graphics. I recommend it to kids who study technical subjects. Purchased for a few days I came to overcome the seventh level only with a bit of patience and perseverance. Not being a technician, I don't really know where to go. We hope well.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Of course it is not a portal. It's primarily a bridge constructor, but in the design, the elements, and the humor of Portal. You do not control an avatar through the area, there is no portal cannon; Rather, one must place roadway and supporting elements as well as ropes, so that as far as possible a whole convoy of forklift trucks comes to their destination. The forklifts can drive, jump, tumble and of course drive through predefined portals or jump. (The portals are not even red and once blue, but a pair is always the same color, as there may be several.) There are also known elements of portal: blue rebound and orange acceleration gel, shooting robots, boxes placed on buttons must be, flying energy balls and - at least in the short sequences after every 10th level - cake. To the intro of most levels, there is a portion of portal humor of an eggnic computer voice, but subtitled in German. The game seems physically quite plausible as far as the bridge constructions are concerned. Of course, the levels get more difficult backwards. I think the levels are very clever: For example, the timing of flying energy balls is often chosen so that an obvious solution ends up in one of the forklifts leading into the energy sphere and exploding, so you have to come up with a trickier option. In part, the positioning of individual elements (such as ski jumps) by just one unit to the left or right makes the difference between success and defeat. Speaking of success. Of course, this is to get all the forks to their destination. How many people go on it does not seem to matter. The main thing, the valuable machines survive :-D The cost of the building does not seem to matter incidentally. There are no limits and no additional points for favorable constructions. Here I miss a bit the challenge. (Nevertheless, 5 well-deserved stars.) On the other hand, this allows one to implement the most adventurous constructions. But beware: this is still a game with a high addiction factor. Good that there are only 60 levels. [Technical: The game runs smoothly on my iMac from 2011 with 2.7GHz Intel Core i5 and 12GB 1333MHz DDR3]