pathBarin's review of the game Worms W.M.D
Oct 30, 2018
I can say that it is finally a good new worms game! With good controls and new ideas that doesn't look like gimmick, but rather give tactical variety. Maps are nice drawn, and some elements are even animated.
Heavy vehicles gives more dynamics to the battles, and buildings allow you to hide worms from enemy eye and help you move vertically on the map.
Crafting solves the problem of balance when you wanted to try all the cool weapons and with custom settings you destroyed the normal flow of the match. Now you pick and build any guns during the match and the power of these weapons will gradually grow during the match.
From the newer games comes, turrets (which is good) and magnets (which is tolerable).
The Fort siege finally make sense.
The singleplayer mode is simple, but additional goals will hopefully fix it.
I only misses a rope race, wich was nicely packed in Worms Reloaded.
So if you haven’t played Worms for quite a while, but remember them well, I strongly recommend trying this one (especially on Switch).
But only if you still play Armageddon, then walk through, nothing will save you.
«Just one more turn»
Serge Ulankin
Damn, I still play Armageddon, but I want a new good Worms game. What do I do?
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