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Worms W.M.D review
by iBarin

I can say that it is finally a good new worms game! With good controls and new ideas that doesn't look like gimmick, but rather give tactical variety. Maps are nice drawn, and some elements are even animated.
Heavy vehicles gives more dynamics to the battles, and buildings allow you to hide worms from enemy eye and help you move vertically on the map.
Crafting solves the problem of balance when you wanted to try all the cool weapons and with custom settings you destroyed the normal flow of the match. Now you pick and build any guns during the match and the power of these weapons will gradually grow during the match.
From the newer games comes, turrets (which is good) and magnets (which is tolerable).
The Fort siege finally make sense.
The singleplayer mode is simple, but additional goals will hopefully fix it.
I only misses a rope race, wich was nicely packed in Worms Reloaded.
So if you haven’t played Worms for quite a while, but remember them well, I strongly recommend trying this one (especially on Switch).
But only if you still play Armageddon, then walk through, nothing will save you.
«Just one more turn»
Serge Ulankin
Damn, I still play Armageddon, but I want a new good Worms game. What do I do?
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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
TL: DR = Game Good Long version = A worthy successor in The Worms jungle. Having tried to use all sorts of new Techniques in the Past, the Developers in this Part have seemingly decided to reflect on the Roots of the Worms series and optimize the good old Gameplay here and there. Without End Weapons! The Crafting is a bit fiddly, but okay. More for People who know what they're doing xD Otherwise a very extensive SP and a Multiplayer, which, however, also requires a certain Number of Players. Don't want to say that someone can never find each other, but you also have to click on "Find Game" more often. I think that could have been made a bit more "rounded" By The Software. Once I am hung with a Mech in the Area so far, so a Bug, but otherwise it plays very fluffy. You can't aim and fire with the Mouse here, which seems unwieldy at first, but maybe even more Fun after some Practice. Dadurchyou Can also play it well with a Controller, even against People using the Mouse and Keyboard. Okay, this Review may not have been so well structured now, but I think I mentioned the Most important thing. Achja: You can also go into some Buildings (I think it's really cool) and the Vehicles are also quite interesting. Not too overpowered, but already powerful. Inpatient Weapons are quite okay. You don't really Need to, but at least not bother me now either.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
The Maximum got out Over the Years, the Worms series has gone along with a lot of Change. From Classic Cult Design from World Party, to 3D Offshoots such as Worms 3D, Worms 4 Mayhem and Ultimate Mayhem, to 2.5D parts with different Worm Classes and playmaking Physics engine. I got to know the Series at the Time through Worms Armageddon and Worms World Party, which is why I don't really agree with many of the Changes. The 3D Offshoots even have some charm of their own And can be really Fun with Friends, but I don't think the 2.5D Parts are really good. The Water, which can also occur there in small Pools on the Island itself, has been highly stylized into a Play element far too important. Physics fit zero, the Water acts more like a Jelly, Worms that fall in only get some Damage per Round instead of Drowning, and the Inventory is full of weapons based on this Water Gimmick (Water bombs, Water guns, drains). Worms W.M.D brings many Changes, but at first the faulty innovations of the Predecessors were completely removed: No more 2.5D Graphics, no more Classes, no more Physics water and the arsenal based On them. Thus, the naked Word formula of Old has been reached again, and here the Innovations start: There are Crafting, there are Accessible Buildings, there Are vehicles and stationary Guns. All of This joins the classic Gameplay, gives new Possibilities and increases the Chaos factor immensely. Team 17 has taken the Maximum out of the word Formula with Worms W.M.D., developing the best Main Part since World Party.
I know people keep saying this game isn't as good as Worms Armageddon, but I feel like it's a lot better. The crafting is a ton of fun, there's a lot of things you can make if you get the supplies for it. The graphics, UI, and controls are all great, especially the UI. It's a ton of fun to play with friends and blow them up!

Also they have it so you can make your own little hats/castles for your worms or add ones that were made by the community in the steam workshop. 
«Sit back and relax»
«Better with friends»