All Action-Adventure GOTYs of 2018

Created Dec 6, 2018 by RAWG Editorial
We are making the extensive list of all action-adventure games in 2018 that deserve to be the GOTY in YOUR opinion. Submit games by clicking “Recommend a game” below. We will add any game to this list but here are some rules.

1. One game from one rawger.
2. Only games originally released in 2018 are accepted.
3. Only action-adventure games are accepted. Think God of War, Spider-Man, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, etc.

And remember that any game can be a GOTY for you. ♥
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There can only be one game that makes you FEEL like Spider-Man while web-swinging, like Batman while fighting and, at times, like Knack when lifting things. Sony must be happy to have yet another system-seller. And we are happy to get the best Spider-Man game to this date!
When the gameplay is good, the only thing you need to make a successful remaster is to enhance the graphics and improve the controls. Shadow of the Colossus gives younger gamers a perfect opportunity to experience a classic masterpiece by Fumito Ueda.
Dontnod returns to action-adventures after being universally praised for Life is Strange. Vampyr is one of the rare games about vampires we have these days with zombies dominating the industry. What's more important to you, the Hippocratic Oath or bloodthirstiness? Lots of choices and the ability to avoid nearly any battle throughout the game lets you experience the flu-ridden fictional version of London in your own way.
Josef Fares is here to shoot movies and f*** the Oscars, and he's all out of film. So he made a game, a one of a kind co-op experience and arguably the most unique action-adventure game this year.
This is not a moment from a Friday the 13th movie, it's just what happens when you threaten a British archeologist. Lara is a total tank this time with her killing, surviving and platforming skills surpassing Nathan Drake in his best years. With the Tomb Raider story culminating in such large dark finale, it's exciting to see where the franchise is going in the future, but for now we have a completely new adventure and several solid DLCs.
A Way Out might be the best-known EA's “indie experiment” and co-op game this year, so it's surprising to see that the company actually published another action-adventure title this year that is 100% indie in its look and feel and best played in co-op too! Unravel Two is certainly a game you would love to experience with your partner because the feeling that you can actually help each other, care and coordinate is unmatched in the games of this year.
Everybody probably wrote more about Ashen becoming a (timed?) exclusive for Epic Game Store than about Ashen being a very, very good action-adventure game. If you are hugnry for a Souls-like game, this Christmas treat came out just for you. 
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IO Interactive is back on track after some shaky years, and Hitman 2 reaffirms that the series is back to its roots, which is a good thing. Hitman 2 is focused on stealth and replayability, and there's this briefcase! Easily a GOTY.
The Yakuza series has literally nothing to prove. It already has a group of die-hard fans and its concept doesn't get old. We would give an action-adventure GOTY award to a new Yakuza game even if it were just a karaoke mini-game with 100 tracks.
The dark Zelda-like action-adventure returns with the third Horseman of the Apocalypse, only this time it's a horsewoman. Fury wields a whip and ready to burn some demon asses. Time to wait for the final chapter!
A bold reboot of the series, with a much more mature depiction of Kratos. Santa Monica Studio ditched nearly all signature aspects of the God of War series—from the dual-blades to ridiculously over-the-top epicness—and focused on the father-son relationships and the story of growing up to a huge success. Boy oh boy, Kratos again feels relevant in 2018, and this alone makes GoW a GOTY.
Since Origins, Assassin's Creed took a turn to the ancient times. Egypt was fully covered in the story of Bayek, and with Rome and the rest of Italy being the playground of Ezio's trilogy, it could be only one place the assasins' saga would go next. This year, you can finally climb the statue of Zeus—and other statues in Greece, level up your character and choose any weapon. Meet Assassin's Creed Odyssey, a full-fledged open-world RPG and an action-adventure GOTY of 2018.