TGA 2017 Best Narrative

Created Dec 7, 2017 by RAWG Editorial
On December 7, The Game Awards took place in Los Angeles. Here’s the list of nominees for the Best Narrative award which recognizes authors for outstanding storytelling and narrative development in a game. We will just note why all of these games are worthy.
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    Tameem Antoniades and Elizabeth Ashman-Rowe dip players to an ancient world and plunge them to a distorted mind. An outstanding story of love and fear.
      The winner.Ian Dallas easily experiments and immerses you to various states. Controls are linked to the plot which further lets you feel each part of the story and fill different shoes.
        John Gonzalez managed to give a fresh unique look to the usual post-apocalyptic future story, and for that Horizon is already compelling.
          A grotesque alternative history where the Nazis have won and the protagonist battles them with the secret Jewish knowledge all shown like Guy Ritchie started to make video games.
            The three authors created a multi-layer story that demand multi-walkthroughs to understand what is really going on. Each time you start a new story within a story, the characters and the gameplay surp…