TGA 2017 Best Game Direction

Created Dec 7, 2017 by RAWG Editorial
On December 7, The Game Awards took place in Los Angeles. Here’s the list of nominees for the Best Game Direction award which goes to a game studio for outstanding creative vision and innovation in game direction and design. We will just note why all of these games are worthy.
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    Guerrilla Games introduced a bold setting, but what is more important – they painstakingly detailed it.
      The winner.Nintendo are the only company that appears twice on this list as well as among the Game of the Year nominees. This time the Legend of Zelda came out as a very consistent mix of environment,…
        Capcom managed to combine the feeling of first parts of the series with the fresh take on the first-person point of view.
          MachineGames and Bethesda created a stylish fast paced shooter and placed it a defiant anti-utopian setting.
            Nintendo are real heroes this year with the new handheld device, but what matters is not the platform, it’s the games. And with Super Mario Odyssey they produced the classical gameplay anthology that …