The 12 Best Games for Xbox One

Created Oct 27, 2018 by RAWG Editorial
If you are a happy owner of the Microsoft console, you have so many great titles to play! Start from the 12 best games for Xbox One we picked for you.
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    Killing mutants stealthily is for noobs. Who wants to crawl when you can jump over the walls, fire up monsters and have so much fun? If you have to survive a zombie apocalypse do it stylishly, says Sunset Overdrive. Wreak havoc on the city (but don't forget to leave it)!
      Have you seen a Disney animated film called Fantasia? Watch it before playing this Xbox exclusive. The game's rhythm will lead you to the amazing music world which you need to save. The game is played with Kinect so let yourself blend into the music, relax and forget about everything else.
        One of the best Western games and console exclusives, released in recent years, RDR 2 was highly anticipated by players all over the world. The game is huge and incredibly detailed. Every piece of it shows how much work is put in it. So if you have a console, we wonder why you are reading this instead of playing RDR 2?
          Try to survive the zombie apocalypse in the sequel of critically acclaimed State of Decay. While you were lucky enough not to get infected now you need to protect yourself from hordes of monsters. Craft weapons and tools, communicate with other survivors, save people or leave them to the dead. 
            Why buy four games separately when you can get them at once? The Master Chief Collection includes Halo 1-4, critically acclaimed shooters for Xbox One. All games are re-released with improved graphics, sound design, and additional materials. Will you get each of over 500 achievements the compilation features?
              Halo 5 in many aspects reimagines the series. The developers from 343 Industries know about its strengths and try to fix the problems of previous parts. As a result, Guardians are aggressive, spectacular and exciting - maybe, a little more than the other games. 
                Set off on a dangerous adventure to save the magical forest. You take on the role of Ori, a little spirit, that needs to find what destroys his home and return life to the woods. Many enemies are waiting for Ori so help him to become stronger and overcome all the obstacles.
                  Forza Horizon 4 is arguably the best racing game for Xbox right now (and, probably, for other platforms too). Multiple tracks in different countries, dynamic weather, several game modes and smooth controls make the game realistic and impressive. And because of the quality of graphics, the game looks breathtaking. 
                    Gears of War 4 became a breath of fresh air for the franchise. While the game wasn't revolutionary, it gave us a new young protagonist, dangerous monsters, lots of dynamic action and hours of enjoyable gameplay. Who said the story ends with Markus Fenix? His son is a decent replacement.
                      Cuphead is an action platformer inspired by the animation from the 30s. Fast-paced and very challenging, it's one of the most frustrating games until you master it. Are you ready for endless boss fights? Then turn on your Xbox and have fun!
                        If you completed all other Halo games and think the franchise has nothing to offer you it's time to switch from shooters to strategies. Halo, arguably one of the best series for Xbox One, becomes complete with this title. Choose your side, build bases, upgrade your army and technologies and lead your race to the victory.
                          Pirate life as it is. Travel the seas, look for treasures, trade with locals on the islands and try not to ruin your ship. The core feature of the game is its realism: your crew needs to work cooperatively to win sea battles or manage the vessel. But nothing prevents you from getting drunk. You are pirates, for God's sake!