Underwater Games

Created Jun 6, 2018 by MeZev
The ocean is dark, beautiful and full of secrets. If you want to find them all or just enjoy swimming, start one of the games below.
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    In Song of the Deep you take on the role of a 12-years-old girl that is looking for her missing father. She builds a tiny submarine and dives into the sea to solve its mysteries. The underwater world of this game is a huge blue labyrinth, full of adorable and dangerous creatures. Locations are always different, and you can actually spend some time just staring at the backgrounds - they're stunning.
    The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human screenshot
      Imagine that people left Earth many years ago. It was drowned and turned in a huge ocean. You return to your homeworld searching for life. You have a little sybmarine to sail through all this water made in the impressive pixel art style. The game inspires you to explore each location carefully and pay attention to every detail. Prepare yourself for fights: dark waters usually hide creepy monsters.
      Diluvion screenshot
        Diluvion combines elements from a submarine simulator and a team managment game. The setting is greatly inspired by Jules Verne's novels, steampunk, Faster Than Light and even Dark Souls. No surprise that such game quickly raised money on Kickstarter. The only problem of it is clunky controls, but if you get used to them, the fun is guaranteed.
          Subnautica is a survival game where you need to explore another planet's ocean. It's dark and full of secrets, but, more importantly, it's gorgeous. But don't waste too much time looking at fish and coral. To survive you have to search for food and oxyden, and also craft weapons and vehicles. Subnautica will challenge you every time you decide to relax.
            Take the role of Naya, a brave explorer, who wants to reveal her own past. Dive deep into the ocean, find supernatural items, meet each and every of 175 creatures that inhabit the mysterious world of Aquaria. The unique gameplay feature of this game is the combination of swimming and singing to solve puzzles and destroy obstacles. Atmospheric sounds will completely pull your underwater to stay in Aquaria.
              ABZU visuals were both inspired by cosmos and ocean to be a multilayered mix where you can't say if you see water or stars. The sea here is breathtaking and captivating. Once you started exploring it, it's extremely hard to stop. Similar to Journey, ABZU is a very meditative game: nothing dangerous is waiting for you, so take a breath and enjoy the views.
              SOMA screenshot
                SOMA throws you into a post-apocalyptic world where everything left of you is your mind, imprisoned in a robot's body. You need to save the rest of humanity, but they're locked at the station under the sea. The ocean is infected by crazy AI, so you have to be silent and smart, if you want to survive. During the journey you'll find out what's happened on Earth and try to escape from this dead world.