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Ancient Siberia

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The World of Great Tartaria includes the game map with a size of 400 km. Age-old forests, green valleys and ancient snowy mountains spread on its landscapes. You will be able not only explore lands, but also prowl sea spaces. But don’t forget about the weather! Even a sunny day could change into a rainy one or even in an awful snowstorm. Your game begins with a child character which grows up and getts necessary skills. When you are a child, no one can kill you. But at the same time you will not be able to take part in PvP. Player's upgrading depends on the character's actions, such as sword fighting boosts the swords play and so on. Also, you shouldn’t forget that after death player loses all loot, that he cared with him. Every action affects on the history of character in the World of Ansiber. If you decide to find an easy prey and rob a merchant, you will become a thug, whose head will cost double price of skill points. Remember, how your actions can influence on your future. Hardcore slasher – that’s how we can characterize the combat system of Ansiber. Dodge and make different power attacks, train in one-handed or two handed weapons. Player has an opportunity to build a ship. He can use it for carrying goods or take part in one of great battles. Characters will be able to seize a vessel and rob it. In the World of Ancient Siberia, you can choose a place for your future house by yourself, which will become the main place to store your chests with useful stocks. The building system is easy for understanding, but you shouldn’t forget about taxes, preparing wood, and finding necessary equipment for work, cause survival genre has much in common with real life. If artisan’s path is nor for you, you can always ensure the knowledge of wizards and witchers. The Ancient Siberian world has its own system of magic runes, which give an opportunity to bewitch arms, armor, jewelry. Player also can try himself in teleportation. All runes will have to be made by yourself which need leveling up of skills. Appearing in the World of Ancient Siberia your character will have to survive in severe condition, where nothing is given by chance. Beginning the game with minimal stocks, your will have to make all your efforts to craft useful equipment’s, powerful weapons and magic runes. Moreover, your character will have to cook by himself! All these is possible thanks to highly developed craft system. In the open Tartatian world gamer will have to socialize. Except of trade with the other characters you will have an opportunity to join some clans and guilds, build houses together and build trust with other players’ clans. Don’t forget – your house is under a reliable protection only if you can defend it physically. In the absence of the player the house could be broken down and robbed. There are 3 levels of server ranking system: easy, normal and hard. On the easy level time and mechanics of the game is more like arcade one, on the hard servers’ gamers will have to do all his best not to freeze to death in the first night. Servers can support up to 250 players at the same time and we are going to increase this number to 1000. Notably, that all players will be able to take part into a battle simultaneously. The World, is based on the myths of Great Tataria. State which spread from Ural to Alaska, New Lands and Tibet. In this world player will meet characters and creatures whose prototypes we can meet in ancient Siberian legends. Hero will be able to find many answers to World history with help of ancient tablets, which can be found in the map key points. There are a great amount of hidden quests in the map. These quests don’t have any marks, but you should pay attention to strange buildings and details of the world. If you are attentive and lucky you can find a quest and get unique outfit or arms.
Valga Games Studio
Valga Games Studio
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System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7 +
  • Processor: Intel Pentium G3xxx+
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce 550 Ti +
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 10 GB available space
  • Sound Card: EAX 2.0 support
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Last Modified: Aug 23, 2019

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Ancient Siberia reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Early Access Review UPDATE: Please note that the Developers canceled development due to Perceived lack of Money and put all Servers offline. Of course, no Player got their Money back. Unfortunately, unfortunately, for the time being I tend to have a negative Review ... An MMORPG with a "Siberian" Setting, many Freedoms and Possibilities and enormous Potential. In Ancient Siberia one creates one's Character at first (different Ethnicities are possible), its Appearance and selects 3 Skills, on which one initially focuses (for example, wood chopping, fishing, artisanal Professions). In the Game you should first complete the Tutorial. However, many Things quickly seem familiar to you. The Skilling System is somewhat reminiscent of Ultima Online Or Mortal Online, but without acquiring its Complexity. In the Game you have a pretty free Hand afterwards. Despite a very early Version, it is already possible to guess what will be possible in the long term. Whether you pursue the Career of a Warrior, a Hunter, an Assassin, a Magician, a Blacksmith, a fisherman, a Traveller, a Carpenter, etc., is up to you. What's Interesting is how Elements from RPG and Survival are mixed. Once you have achieved a certain Number of Skill points, you have to pay attention to Hunger and Thirst. You can also put your own House together. I'm still a little bit more divided on the graph. A lot of Things seem a little cheap and put on (is certainly also related to the Unity Engine, Modular principle). And especially the Figures do not yet know how to convince, they seem wooden. On the other Hand, the Game creates a special Atmosphere. Attempts are being made To authentically capture Siberia with its Forests, Meadows and (snow) mountains. The World seems quite lively when the Trees move in the Wind, the Sun glistens in the Water until the last Rays of Sunshine announce the Night. In The future, various Weather Events can also be expected. Only the few Living Beings in the World seem a little strange. On the other Hand, every Encounter-be it with Animals or Monsters-is something Special. The current Problem is that the Game is still in a very early Version. There are many Bugs and the Content is manageable overall. However, the Team is extremely committed. At the Moment, there are Updates every Week that include Bug Fixes as well as new Content. In This case, the Communication with the Players is extremely pleasing. At least with Steam, the Development Team responds quickly, kindly and comprehensively to Discussion posts. Bugs reported By Players are quickly fixed. Ideas from Players are happily received and implemented. Unfortunately, there aren't that many Players getting involved in that Regard yet. Also, the multiple Servers are Usually empty. I hope that as the game progresses, more Players will also be motivated. Not just those who buy the Game new, but also those who turned away with Greys after first Glance. Pro:-Very dedicated, friendly and communicative Development team-Basic game principle (classic RPG meets survival) has a lot of Potential-Many Possibilities and Freedoms to unfold-Beautiful, quite authentic Atmosphere-good Landscape graphics and Partly interesting Architecture and objects-strong light and Shadow effects-Good sound with few but high-quality pieces of Music and atmospheric Effects (Birdsong etc.)-Interesting background (Slavic/ Siberian Influences quite recognizable)-Large, varied World that invites you to Explore Contra:-Overall so far Little content-Many bugs-Largely empty servers-Graphically not yet mature, especially among the Figures-Economic System And Skilling a little too simple Based On The current State Of play, I can only recommend the Game to everyone to a limited extent. Those who want to try out a creative MMORPG intensively and also help shape it should give the Game a Chance.
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