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Black Mirror I

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Black Mirror is a dark adventure game that details the aftermath of the tragic death of William Gordon. Playing as his grandson Samuel players must unveil the truth behind the events of that fateful, stormy night. The Gordon family has accepted William's death as suicide; however, Samuel is not so sure. And through further investigation some terrifying family secrets are revealed. Through the course of the game players will discover the tragedy that has decimated the Gordons since the Middle Ages - and eventually fight to escape a fate that will not stop until it has claimed every member of the family.Key Features
  • A rich and interesting storyline to capture the imagination
  • Third-person graphical adventure
  • Six comprehensive chapters
  • Features 23 individual characters
  • More than 100 different locations, including: a medieval underground temple, a mental hospital, and a cemetery
  • Atmospheric effects such as rain, fog, and storms
  • Hundreds of realistic animations
  • Many logical, inventory, environmental, and tactile puzzles
Release date
Future Games
Unknown Identity
THQ Nordic
Age rating
Not rated
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Black Mirror I reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
A great Point-and-Click Adventure, despite its old Age. Especially the gloomy atmosphere, especially from Chapter IV, is very well represented. The Soundscape, which comes across particularly well when playing with Headphones, contributes to this in particular. Above all, however, the German Voice Actors have done a surprisingly good Job, first and Foremost, the Spokesman for Samuel Gordon, the Protagonist. My only Criticism is that you can't bring the Game, in the Game menu, or even in the setup.exe, into Full Screen. Instead, you have to manually select it in your Graphics cards settings. However, this is Criticism at a high Level as the Game is from 2003.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
[Graphic] [] A single Pixel is more beautiful [X] Bad [] Acceptable [] All good [] Very nice [] Just awesome [price/quality] [] full Price [] Liege Buy over in the Sale [X] Average [] Under €5100 [] Don't buy under 90% Sale [] Let's Rather [difficulty] [] Because of you manage [X] easily to more difficult [] just at the Beginning [] hard [] Dark Souls [Game Time/Length] [] 0-5 Hours [X] 5-10 Hours [] 10-30 hours [] 30 + hours [] Infinite [Story] [] not present/do not need [] plain, But not bad [] Wed Table [X] Too Good again [] Simple Perfect [Bugs] [] No [X] A few Bugs [] There are no Bugs, they are features [] Unplayable by Bugs
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Anyone who previously thought that Point 'n Click Adventures were only for Warm Showers and Mami's Favorites should be taught better by "Black Mirror" at the latest. Released about 14 years Ago, the Title provided subtle Goosebumps among Gamers, consistently positive Response. "Black Mirror" seems like the game implementation of a washly real crime novel from the first Second. Even Edgar A. Poe (certainly not the worst reference When it comes to Scary Stories) would surely have had its dark Delight in this grim Scenario. The oppressive Environment is represented in such a coherent way that you can feel the Atmosphere with your Hands. Once Again, the Gamer is tempted to change the Hatter. Various Factors contribute to this: In addition to the incredibly exciting and gripping story, the stylish Graphics and the unprecedented German Dubbing, it is above all the striking and no less sinister characters that Samuel has been on during the His Investigations hits. All Participants seem authentically drawn throughout, thanks mainly to the professional Voice Actors, who meticulously set each Sentence to music. Rating Pro: An incredibly captivating Story Atmosphere that seeks its same. Many different and logical Puzzles praise Songs to the German Dubbing Contra: Stiff and slow Protagonist movements Conclusion Black Mirror is considered without considering as one of the Frontrunners of the Point 'n Click genre. Developer dtp has created a really exciting and also complex crime thriller that doesn't need to hide even 14 years after its Release. You find my Reviews helpful and still don't want to miss one? Then follow my Side now to support me.
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