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Blitzkrieg Anthology

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Eisenhower, Rommel, Zhukov; Assume your rightful place among the great generals commanding the Allies, Germans or Soviets as they advance through the decisive battles of WWII. Blitzkrieg is the latest development in WWII real-time strategy gaming combining flexibility, historic accuracy and endless playability into one of the most challenging and enjoyable games yet!Blitzkrieg's unique and completely flexible campaign structure puts you in control of deciding how your forces will fare in each of the major engagements that comprise three central Campaigns. Hardcore vets have the option of engaging the enemy immediately in a desperate struggle for battlefield dominance, or more cautious players can choose from pre-defined or unlimited randomly generated side missions as they gain experience, promotions and weapons upgrades as well as wear down the enemy before the central conflict.Historical accuracy is pushed to the edge as each unit is endowed with the actual capabilities and characteristics that existed at the time. Details such as the thickness of a tank's armor down to the range of infantry rifles add a level of previously unprecedented realism. Each campaign has been meticulously researched to provide an accurate depiction of the battles that took place, while still maintaining the flexibility (and fun!) necessary to let you play the way you want.Two robust editors are Blitzkrieg's keys to unlocking endless game play possibilities. The Mission Editor allows you to generate and add your own missions, chapters and campaigns according to the options you want most, from level of difficulty to type of action. The Resource Editor gives you total license to redesign the game, add or modify units, characteristics, colors, textures, sounds and more - unlimited freedom to play the game on your terms.Key Features
  • Flexible campaign structure that frees you from standard difficulty and level settings
  • Historically accurate campaigns where you lead the Allies, Germans or Soviets through actual WWII battles in real time
  • Mission and Resource editors let you create new campaigns, chapters and missions as well as completely modify the game environment and units
  • Realistically rendered 3D terrain including over 350 various buildings and objects
  • Command over 200 types of military vehicles and equipment and more than 40 different infantry units that interact naturally, based on their actual physical properties and characteristics.
  • Build bridges, dig trenches and pits, lay mines, resupply and repair units and call in air support when needed
  • Battles feature different seasons, climate zones, and weather conditions that affect game play
Release date
Nival Interactive
Nival, Nival Interactive
Age rating
17+ Mature

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 98 / Me / 2000 / XP
  • Processor: Pentium II 366 MHz
  • Memory: 64 MB RAM
  • Graphics: Riva TNT, 8 Mb
  • DirectX: Version 8.1
  • OS: Windows 98 / Me / 2000 / XP
  • Processor: Pentium III 600 MHz
  • Memory: 128 MB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce256, 32 Mb
  • DirectX: Version 8.1
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Blitzkrieg Anthology reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Very nice Game for In Between and also suitable for the hardcore 2.Worldwar gamer. The Game is well programmed by the conditions of the time. The Game is still considered a Role model for many Game Series and is a Cornerstone in the tactical gaming category. The Game is not only great for Gamers, but is also highly recommended for History Fanatics, since to each mission comes up a Text that could be smoothly copied from Wikipedia, but well shows the Gogsing in which the Player bew. The Commander, is set. But enough of the Babble, the Game, of course, has its Quirks as well. It's confusing to share a Company and send it in different Directions, this takes Time and a little Sensitivity. There is nothing to complain About the Graphics, the Sounds are not always realistic, but they fit the Ambience.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Blitzkrieg 1! Oh, the good old days, where you sat down in front of a Screen for two or three and developed different Strategies together. "With this Game, it started in my Body. I wanted more Strategy games!! " Fish ~ 2009 One of the best Real-Time strategy Games at the time! The Graphics at that time top, as well as Story and Style of Play. The Game is easy to understand, it's probably because there were still good Tutorials at the time, or a very easy Introductory Mission! I explain it very briefly: Select Unity, click on Enemy and that's it! The Story is divided into 3 different Themes, but they all play in World War II, but even in advance: The Game is not from 16 in my Opinion, there are only Tanks. Sometimes very little blood But otherwise there is nothing nasty there (apart from the War) but let's get back to the Story: You have the Decision: The ALLIIRTEN | The USSR and | The WEHRMACHT The Gameplay is also done great in this Game: Before each Mission you can choose which Units you want to take into your Sleep, so there are thousands of Ways to play the Game. There are Also hundreds of Different Units. This Game also has 2 Extensions (which are already in the product here): 1. "Burning Horizon": The Graphics and Style of Play remain the same. Added a Scenario in the Far East as well as 26 new Missions. The AI (The Computer Controlled counter) has been edited here a bit (stronger blue). 2. "Rolling Thunder": Everything stays the same Here when it comes to playing And Graphics! In this Expansion, as an American, you play against the Germans. Especially here in this Game are Operation Husky, and Operation Cobra. As a third Addition there are "Green Devils," which is not available in this Version and has to be Purchased individually. But The Air Fights are interesting here. The Game became Publishable on March 28, 2003 and it runs (at least with me) even on new Operating Systems like Windows 7/8.1/10! Comam Review: A great Game, which takes a lot of Time as some Missions are tricky, but still Fun! ---90/100---[01.10.2017] If you still need a Review on Blitzkrieg 2, check out my other Reviews, there will be the Review there
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