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Commander Keen

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Commander Keen: Invasion of the Vorticons:
Episode 1: Marooned on Mars (Dec. 14th 1990)
Episode 2: The Earth Explodes (1991)
Episode 3: Keen Must Die! (1991)
Commander Keen's very first adventure, and the debut of id's groundbreaking side-scrolling technology. In the game you play the role of Commander Keen: the alter-ego of an eight year-old genius by the name of Billy Blaze. When Billy learns that the Earth is in danger, he dons his brother's football helmet and his homemade interstellar spaceship to become Commander Keen -- Defender of the Earth!
Commander Keen in Goodbye Galaxy!:
Episode 4: Secret of the Oracle (1991)
Episode 5: The Armageddon Machine (1991)
You are eight-year-old Billy Blaze, boy genius to your neighborhood. Commander Keen to the rest of the universe. It's time to grab your trusty pogo stick and neural stunner, climb into the cockpit of your homemade Megarocket and blast off for the Shadowlands. To prevent the obliteration of life as we know it, you'll have to battle your way past deadly hazards and devious creatures, or end up as space toast.

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id Software
id Software
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Minimum: A 100% Windows XP/Vista-compatible computer system

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Commander Keen reviews and comments

A classic from my childhood. A series of platform games, with colorful graphics and solid gameplay. The "complete pack" got the Vorticons Trilogy (Keen 1 to 3) and Goodbye Galaxy (Keen 4 and 5). The story of these games is simple: a young 8-year-old genius, Billy Blaze, codenamed Commander Keen, must protect Earth from any extraterrestrial threat. In Keen 1, he was exploring the planet Mars when parts of his spaceship were stolen by aliens, the Vorticons. He has to get them back. In Keen 2, the Vorticons want to destroy Earth. It's up to Billy/Keen to intervene. In Keen 3, he travels to the Vorticon Homeworld to stop them once and for all! In Keen 4, Billy/Keen goes to the planet Gnosticus IV, where he must save the Oracles, members of the High Council of Gnosticus IV, who have been kidnapped by the mysterious Shikadis. In Keen 5, Billy/Keen must confront the Shikadis, while destroying the Omeganatic, a weapon that the Shikadis built to destroy the Milky Way. For the curious, in Keen 6, Billy's babysitter, Molly, has been abducted by aliens and he must rescue her. I recommend these games for those who knew them in their youth as well as for newcomers.
Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
The game Itself is very decent and I would love to play it. But in this kind of play is simply impossible. This is an old version of the game launched in a special environment. In Full-screen mode it is impossible to play-tired eyes because of low resolution. Definitely not worth the money. Better look for this game on specialized sites like classicreload-there is quite playable and free!
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
The first Game I was allowed to play as a Kid. Then When I discovered Commander Keen on Steam, I had to strike immediately. Have not regretted the Purchase. I still find it just as fun and entertaining as I did back then ... (And the Stone just as common back then ...). By the way, there's a great Guide in The Steamforum that shows you how to "extract" the individual Commander Keen parts to the Desktop. ;)
Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Excellent platformer, passed as a child the last two episodes, the first part, even did not come in the mind of the terrible management. And Here's Episode 4: Secret of the Oracle (1991) is just beautiful. But The game is quite complex and sometimes makes burn and pass the levels over and over again, having drunk on some fly appeared nowhere, or accidentally hitting some gun, which seems to be at a decent distance, sometimes it seems that Hitbox exceeds the texture of the hero. And so 10 nostalgia of 10, you can play even now, the game is no problem running on Windows 10. Threat. The game has a sound! There was no such luxury in my old PC.
Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
When ID Software has not yet made 3D-shooters in the first person (they have not even released Wolfenstein 3D), they did 2D-platformers type Dangerous Dave and Commander Keen. I don't know if I have a duck syndrome, but I think the Commander Keen series is one of the best platformers under DOS. The First three episodes are made in a more primitive format-everything is completely flat, but in episodes 4 and 5 (and the 6th and Keen Dreams, which in this steampunk collection Keen not included) added a sprite illusion of depth. The First three parts are much more difficult than the rest, because they can be saved only on the global map, and in the subsequent saved and loaded can be anywhere in any level. Each episode is quite different in graphics from others. The Overall style is similar, just used by completely different (mostly) enemies, new sweets for picking up, new items on the levels. And also, in the games of this series come across very good and unusual secrets. There are a lot of secret places, especially in parts 4 and 5. From those who have not been in the steampunk collection of Kinov: Keen 6 ("Aliens Ate My Baby-Sitter!") legally online does not buy, unless the old floppy disks through eBay. And Keen Dreams You can buy a separate purchase, too, in the Stie.
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