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Ultimate Doom

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The Ultimate Doom is a standalone expansion pack for Doom developed by id Software. Apart from the base game, it includes a completely new episode that continues the story of the game.


The game's plot seems loosely connected to the base game as id Software was busy with developing Quake. The simply players set out on a journey to kill off four guardians of hell. This episode serves as a prequel to Doom 2.


Minor additions were made to Doom's engine, as it now featured several Doom 2's engine features, such as the ability to use flickering lights and fast working doors. Apart from that, the game is still the base Doom.

Players traverse vast levels killing any Hell creature they encounter on their way. A wide range of weapons is as the player's disposal, starting with a brass knuckle and finishing with an experimental energy weapon, BFG9000.

The one and only objective of the player is to find the exit of the level. Sometimes a keycard is required to unlock the exit. Upon the completion of the level, the player's performance is evaluated and points are accumulated based on how fast did the player pass the level, how ruthless they did it, how many demons got killed and how many secrets were found.

At the end of each episode, the players will encounter a Boss - a unique and powerful enemy that has to be defeated to complete the level.

Release date
id Software
Bethesda Softworks, id Software
Age rating
Not rated
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System requirements for PC

Minimum: A 100% Windows XP/Vista-compatible computer system
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Ultimate Doom reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from French
Doom is a mythical game. Spiritual father of the FPS genre he created a real revolution in the world of video game in 1993. Even though Wolfenstein 3D came out a year before, it was doom who launched the wave of doom-like, which belongs to the no less famous Duke Nukem 3D, and many other successors like exhumed or even outlaws. This game has the peculiarity of being incredibly fun, even still today, for little that you make the impasse on the graphics dating back to the prehistory of the 3D, and the ultra simplistic gameplay (walking, running, pulling, actuating). The levels are varied and well built. Exploration is often necessary, and no level really resembles another, even within the same chapter. A great feat for the time, when we see that even the first Halo does less well on this point... Finding all secret passages also offers a little extra pleasure, and is very useful in ultra-violence mode. I belong to this category of players who have grown up with this title and its suites, and who will keep it forever in their hearts as a symbol of a generation. We will never forget this scenario which, while holding on a half sheet A6, remains original for the time. And above all, we will never tire of walking the Lunar bases of Mars, shotgun in hand, ready to return the forces of hell from the abject hole from which they are released! I give a special mention for music, ultra-playable, without which doom would not be quite doom. This game is here in its ultimate version (released in 1995), with an additional chapter compared to the original version. I recommend using the GzDoom mod, for a better experience, and for better compatibility with current PCs (more fluid mouse, etc...). And for those looking for the ultimate experience, feel free to install brutal doom once you finish first run. You won't regret it.
Translated by
Microsoft from French
After completing the ps1 version, I wanted to get into the master levels of Doom II as well that in final doom, but it was only by trying to get them on steam that I realized that buying a bundle was necessary... To do this, it was for me the opportunity to redo the first two Opus starting with the ultimate DOOM! Graphically, the game is of better quality and much more fluid than on PS1: it never paddled and even if it is not extremely detailed it goes for the time, even if it has aged with its side pixel. More enemies are viewable at the same time and the large spaces do not at all rowing the game. 13/20 The gameplay is very intuitive, even if the improved mouse commands are a bit annoying because the latter allows to navigate, but unfortunately also to move forward and backward, which can be complicated at times. The levels of the game are divided into 4 separate parts each composed of 8 levels, forcing to start each game with the starting equipment, but this is not really a problem for the advancement in the game. Otherwise the principle does not change: advance along labyrinthine levels by eliminating each demon on your way, which in the long run can become repetitive... It also lacks a multiplayer mode. 12/20 The game does not have to complain level of life, the only flaws being the replayability that does not really interest as well as a repetitive progression. 12/20 The soundtrack is good quality with more catlike music than on PS1, but level sounds I find that the game loses a little something compared to the PS1 version. In the long run it repeats a little. 13/20 Finally, the game does not really offer a scenario strictly speaking, but we still have a context (always the same as on ps1) and this time of cutscenes between each episode of eight levels. 10/20 Ultimately, the ultimate DOOM on PC is a very good version of this first opus, probably the most accomplished because of its many qualities. It must be acknowledged however that the app has a bit aged by its gameplay, its soundtrack and also its graphics, which explains the final score of 12/20 that I give it. I recommend it to anyone who wants to get to the DOOM series because it remains a flagship game in the history of the video game.
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