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Demon's Souls

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Demon’s Souls is an action RPG, the first installment in the Souls series, known mostly because of the Dark Souls trilogy. Demon’s Souls is also set in a grey-colored dark medieval-themed world that is attacked by the demon fog. You take on the role of a knight that entered the fog trying to save the kingdom from demons. He was eventually killed and reborn, and now needs to travel the entire kingdom to gain power and set the world free. Your character is fully customizable and can be upgraded with souls you get through battles. Demon’s Souls combat system is quite complicated as you can’t gain experience killing ordinary enemies to defeat the boss later. Here you need to work out unique tactics for every monster type. As a result, the gameplay is quite challenging with frequent deaths. However, there’s a way to simplify the game a little. Some of your actions, for example, killing or helping NPCs, affect the gameplay. This parameter is called tendency; when it’s white, the enemies are easier and the rewards are fewer. When it’s black, it produces the opposite effect.
Release date
Feb 5, 2009
Atlus U.S.A., Inc.
Age rating
17+ Mature
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Demon's Souls reviews and comments

I played this game post Dark Souls so it's up to you if that is a good or bad thing. Regardless, I slashed my way through Demon' Souls in a short period of days, I was really hooked by the game's atmosphere.

As a now devoted FromSoftware fan, I think that maybe some FromSoftware games that came after lack some of the charm and moments that Demon's Souls has to offer. At this moment in time its hard to think that there are people in the gaming world that aren't familiar with the so-called "SoulsBorne" games so you may know that this game is hard, but same as its predecessors it is as rewarding and addictive. I find it a little grindy in some areas but aside from that the rhythm of progression was great, the combat is simple but brutal so you'll not miss that.

I want to make a note that the music is a masterpiece, it has its own tune and its classic from the moment zero, unlike the after FS games that at times can sound a little too familiar, this game has a different vibe (If I knew of music I could point what exactly is), like something that I haven't heard in games or movies in a while, is amazing. The story is cryptic but has some kind of linearity which is nice, also I may be wrong but I have certain fights that seemed optional and added a ton of meat to the main narrative and I loved that, so it felt organic in so many ways.

I can't give Demon's Souls enough credit for anything, and my issues are really so minor like some FPS drops and a warp system that kinda screws if just a little the mood of the game. I really hope that this game has a remaster or remake because it's kind of hard to get and the online functions are down as well, a classic.
«Blew my mind»
«Just one more turn»
King's Field spiritual successor and the ever legendary Dark Souls precedent.

Somehow noticeable where it lacks polishing, budget and cuestionable development decisions, it still deserves recognition for the so loved system FromSoftware follows now.

The lore and plot are very up to expectations on an even emotional level that won't let down, and the combat is as coarse as it is enjoyable. I can't seem to be able to express the atmosphere it transmits, but this experience is something nobody should miss.
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
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