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DuckTales: Remastered

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DuckTales Remastered is a platforming game developed by Capcom. It is the reboot of the original DuckTales released on NES.

After The Beagle Boys go after Scrooge's money once again, a mysterious painting was found by Big Time Beagle and was left at Scrooge's manor. The painting reveals the five treasures and Scrooge sets out to find them.

DuckTales Remastered is a 2.5-dimensional game. The character sprites are 2D and are hand-drawn while the levels are 3D modeled. The gameplay resembles the same of the original game. The players control Scrooge on his quest to find the treasures around the world. The duck defends himself by swinging his cane or jumping on objects with it like a pogo stick. Various diamonds and coins are scattered across the levels. The character's health is restored using various candy.

The game features five levels from the original game which were greatly expanded. It is up to the player to define in which order to play all of the levels. In every level, the player has to complete a certain objective and defeat a unique boss.

Release date
WayForward Technologies
Age rating
0+ Everyone
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System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows®XP™ SP2, Windows®Vista™ or Windows®7
  • Processor: Intel™ Pentium 4 2.4 ghz with Hyper Threading
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA® Geforce 9600GT, AMD® Radeon™ HD 3870 or higher (it must be able to manage Pixel Shader 3.0) with at least 512MB of display memory.
  • Storage: 1 GB available space
  • OS: Windows®XP™ SP2, Windows®Vista™ or Windows®7
  • Processor: Intel™ Core 2 Duo / AMD™ Athlon 64 X2 or higher.
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce™ 200 series or higher, AMD® Radeon™ HD5000 series or higher (it must be able to manage Pixel Shader 3.0) with at least 512MB of display memory.
  • Storage: 2 GB available space
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Last Modified: May 14, 2020

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DuckTales: Remastered reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Striking many nostalgia titles of the 1990s console era have recently wandered into the Steam catalogue. In addition to various Nintendo and Sega titles of Rank and Name in originary-emulated form, however, there are also one or the other Classic to admire in the completely revised HD elevator. SEGA Demonstrated in 2013 with "Castle of Illusion – starring Mickey Mouse" (= CoI) that such a thing can look extremely good and Elaborate. So Much Heart and Attention to Detail is in it, you thin the good old Walt himself would have put On a hand here. Capcom tried the Same thing with "DuckTales," even that same Year-and well, a not quite so devoted Retread has come out of that. Characteristic and acoustically of course kept very close to the TV series model, also the optical Similarities to the primal game are striking ... "DuckTales Remastered" (= DTR) will easily win over fans of the Original, there's no doubt about it, but I don't get rid of the Idea that There would have been much more in it here if Capcom had only wanted to. I can't get around comparing the present pogo duck with previously called mice hunts. Both Games, according to today'S standards, are Disproportionate to the Price charged for it, and in both Cases it amounts to around 15 Euros for just 2-3 Hours of Play. I Think is badly overdrawn, but good, the Games are regularly carved out for many Fives or less, that's what you can live with. But off that, the biggest Difference between the two is simply that Mickey's curvaceous Adventure has turned into an absolutely modern remake that the Players ' Eyes know to pamper throughout. All his Levels can impress with an extremely respectable Spatiality, show really picturesque Backgrounds, seem very lively through a lot of Activity. DTR does not have such an Eye-catching Effect, instead it rests on existing Templates and the Hope that the Masses of Interested Are all Rosarote eyewear Wearers. Of course, DTR is not a potth-like platformer, but high-resolution Figure sprites with perhaps times 4 to 5 Animation levels, more repetitive Level-graphic assets and magician-textured 2.5D backgrounds don't really make the Duck Roast either Fat. I was able to make friends with what Was offered, but the Feeling that DTR has technically fallen out of time. The audio level of the Game, on the other hand, can speak for itself. Newly intoned original pieces of music and the Existence of a full-fledged Voiceover (for which even the US speakers of Uncle Dagobert and Co. could be won) are two very big Pluses of this Game, especially since the latter are particularly in many small ones (but on Desire skippable) In-game intermediate sequences including the series-typical, child-friendly Humour beautifully comes into Its own. Verdict: A nice visual-listening Trip to Entenhausen, who is able to entertain for a short Afternoon and has a Pair of unlockable Gimmicks ready for Repeat players. But What it was like. DTR Is always worth playing, only too much Money should not be spent on it.
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