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Crush monsters and get loots in the classic turn-based style of deep dungeons and high adventure! Serious gameplay surrounded by a light-hearted atmosphere, designed to evoke the feel of history's great RPGs and dice-slinging adventures around the tabletop.

  • True roguelike adventure: turn-based, tough but fair, countless combat options.
  • More than 75 unique player abilities.
  • 12 different styles of Dungeons and Battlefields with more on the way.
  • Six class archetypes to mix and match.
  • 50+ enemies, including the fearsome Triger!
  • The Dungeonmans Academy, your home base that grows with each play.
  • A world-class soundtrack brimming with music straight from the era of RPG classics.

In an untamed wilderness, where civilization lives in the shadow of fearsome beasts and lawless villainy, the only light against the darkness are the courageous Dungeonmens! With cunning minds, mighty thews and iron wills, these great heroes and heroines are dedicated toward exploring the unknown, taming the wild, and crushing the fiercest of beasts.

Adventure begins at the Dungeonmans Academy, an ever-growing bastion of learning that expands and evolves based on the efforts of its graduates. As heroes return from their journeys burdened by giant piles of precious loot and ancient wisdom, the Academy grows and future graduates are able to take advantage of this knowledge, starting with a leg up on their quest to avenge the bold graduates who fell in previous battles.

The vast overworld teems with adventure! There are indeed dungeons deep and plentiful, but also dripping swamps, deathless crypts, huddled warrens, forest camps of bandits and highwaymen, ancient towers ruled by powerful despots, and even more terrible dangers waiting in the darkest shadows. A Dungeonmans rises to the challenge with a healthy mix of Skills and Masteries, fighting up close, at range, with steel and spell alike. Unfettered by "class restrictions", a Dungeonmans chooses the right tools for the battles ahead.
Release date
Adventurepro Games
Adventurepro Games
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 500 MB available space
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Last Modified: Oct 30, 2023

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Kill 30 enemies within the lifespan of a single Mostly
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Use Xespera's Challenge on your first turn in a Super Awesome Monster Party
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Recover from critical health with a bite of Flavorful Pre-Baconized Bacon
True Smarty Mans
Learn 40 points worth of masteries on a single hero
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Dungeonmans: Triger Terrorizes the Academy
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Dungeonmans reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
This game could be so good, but it isn´t. The boss balancing is terrible. Really terrible. There are bosses that you have absolutely zero chance against. And if you encounter one of these (you don´t know how strong a boss is and mostly they surprise you and get you off guard and in the worst case even with nearly depleted stamina) you will defenitely die. You can´t run/escape. And this absolutely no chance situation pisses me really off. Run away and come back later against such a uber boss? No-just prepare to die and start a new character-knowing some more how to play doing it better as the last time. Ähm no, meeting another uber boss earlier and dying even earlier... NO NO NO after the fourth try my will to play this game is dead too
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
A fun Game. Entertaining and also challenging. You often die, but bequim to your Heirs some of the Progress you've made-that's well implemented and keeps motivating a new Passageway. The Graphics are quite simple and old-fashioned. What I always find a pity in games like this is when (as here) you don't look at your Hero's newly acquired Equipment. Even if you swing a magic Axe, you still see the Hero with a Sword in his Hand. That made DCSS better. Nevertheless, the Graphics are lovingly made and quite atmospheric. Hey Developer, scrolling in the Shopping List is atrocious. Often you hop away what you want to buy right now. Verdict: The Game has some Depth, is exciting, funny and creative and is (me) fun. Hence a clear Recommendation.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Early Access Review So Far highly recommended Roguelike. Dungeonman's looks a lot like Tome at first Glance, but is mostly different from it, especially through the Academy where you start. The Academy is divided into Blacksmiths, museum, Library and Alchemy Laboratory, which can be Upgraded and offer various Bonuses for subsequent Characters. Among other things, the Start-up Equipment can be upgraded In the Forge, weapons improvements can be made, etc. The Upgrades remain saved, with The Death of a Charter you can then use them. Deceased Chars are immortalized as Statues in a Cemetery with small Text. Funny Feature: Each Dungeon has its own small Introduction, which also indicates any deaths of past Chars. If you Find the remains of a deceased Charm you get a Part of your Ego back, as well as from a certain lvl (I think) a special Weapon with Name engraving of the Faded hero, which can be stowed in the Weapons depot Of the academy, or can be carried directly. Skill System and Inventory are very clear, which leads to quick Understanding of the Game system. If Necessary, you can also Re-generate the Game world without losing the Progress of your Academy. Of all, the Variety of Dungeons should be emphasized, there is a lot to see, and just when you think you know everything comes something new again. All in all, Dungeonmans can already be seen, but the Price is a little too expensive.
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