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FINAL FANTASY XIII is an action RPG with fast-paced combat, set in a science fictional world of the future. It's ruled by the Sanctum, a theocratic government, and a mechanical creature fal'Cie that has the power to make people its servants. You play as Lightning, a former soldier, who needs to save her sister Serah, who was marked by fal'Cie. She joins the resistance; however, they get marked by the creature too and have to fulfill its task to avoid death. 
The key feature of the game is its complicated combat and development system. Three characters can take part in a battle, while you control only one of them. To fight you need to choose actions that will be used but their amount is limited with Active Time Battle bar. There’s also the Paradigm system that allows giving the characters certain roles to perform in the battle making it more effective.
The development tree in the game is called the Crystarium. It consists of ten levels to upgrade your stats, such as health, strength, magic and so on. Crystarium Points to progress are given for killing enemies.

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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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    FINAL FANTASY XIII reviews and comments

    Translated by
    Microsoft from Deutsch
    I played the Predecessors almost all at the Release only not this Part because I didn't have a Console at the time because I was happy when I got FF13 for the Birthday day because I could now catch up on The Triology. To the first part of The Triology I can only say that he is not recommended for sure had the predecessors also weaken all but they were at that time when they were published real Milestones of the Gaming World. At FF13 it was really hard to lose until the end not completely the lust. However, this was not due to the Story, which is really good again, also Graphically the game looks top. It was more the Character, the Combat Mechanics and the Levels that made it difficult for me, above all, that I think the Game was good. Of the Characteren I honestly liked only one and that was Catch, the rest was no monition to say the least not well written. Snow a Wooden Head and check victims. Lightning An Aroma chic. Vanilla makes your impression rather than if it has remained a little after it mentally through its Childlike art, I know that this is childish with intent though .. ne sorry. Sazh at the beginning I thought that it's an old Buddy of Light and then turns out that they just know each other a few minutes. And his Depri art ... After he's bored, also gin on the Biscuit. Hope... Hope... Hope......... I hate him... At the beginning you can't take it off because it is a little Howl and the development it goes through ahhh I have never so much wanted the death of an ingame character (except with God Eater 2 Romeo). I mean he will be from ner ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ to hard howling and nothing of either can be taken seriously. Catch the only normal one in the Group!!! The Level Design is like it from FF kenn Linear but this time I found the Levels to be really exhausting and boring, not because of the Graphics the is top but repeats so much. For Example, the Level in which you travel with Lightning and Hope is this Bioweapons test Area. Background is the same one you run in a really small hose down unt drives at the end with a Lift to the next section which then looks the same and then you ride again with an elevator. This repeats some times. When I reached the Steppe after just under 15-20 Hours I thought to myself only "why not sooner as now?" I mean her comes to a huge Area in the Sidequests etc are distributed. aaaber that doesn't last long and the listlessly crafted hose levels are back again. My biggest Criticism, however, is the Combat System, it is just boring 90% of the Game you play by simply (A) pressing through the is no Kidding, because with this you confirm the Auto Chain function where your Characters automatically use the ability the most Damage. From time to time you also have to switch to a Healer then press Short (RB) and let yourself be fully healed and switcht again. What has bothered me is that I no longer have freedom like Me what Skille (Spell, Bestia) everyone has their prescribed 3 Rolls at the beginning however it is no longer possible to take Control of his companions as before one has only control over Lightning which also contributes to the Fact that the combat System is so boring. I like to freess how I Equip my Characters with Spells or Bestia this has been taken from ME with FF13. All in all, I can only recommend FF13 to the people who, like me, really want the Series to be complete or are interested in the Story and cope with the boring Combat System.
    Finished on October 11, 2018 (Steam).


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