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Ghost 1.0

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"Ghost" is a metroidvania where two super hackers hire a mysterious agent in order to infiltrate the Nakamura Space Station and steal the greatest electronic secret ever. Of course, the space station will defend itself, which is where the fun begins: the station's defences, with their never-ending arsenal of weapons and artifacts, will have to be destroyed. But the story gets more complicated when the hackers find out about their agent's hidden ties...

WEAPONS: Weapons reload on the go and they never run out of bullets. No need to hoard ammo for the boss battle! The various weapons can be found or purchased (depending on the game mode) and each one has its strengths and weaknesses.

GHOST: The protagonist is not the android you see, but the being that remotely controls it: a mysterious digital ghost that can leave its robot chassis, pass through doors and walls, control enemy androids, and use their own tools against them. What happens if the robot you control gets destroyed, you ask? Then your ghost will be free to control something else, or return to your main body.

UPGRADES: You can have as many as you can collect. The upgrades are passive, so they work without needing any special controls, and they don't run out or deactivate. They come in a large assortment, from aggressive drones to bullet improvements. Remember that the more you get, the more OP you are.

ITEMS: Devices you can use at any time. High-tech equivalents to potions and scrolls.

GEEKIES: Spread throughout the game are hidden "geekies". If you find one and activate it, something related to that geekie will change in the game (not affecting gameplay)... and the challenge is to find out what changes. I know, it sounds silly, but some of them are funny.

SECRETS: 200 rooms have secrets in them that can be revealed by performing a specific action. If you find a secret, you're rewarded with a small permanent powerup that will make your character more powerful. In addition, finding all of the secrets in each level will reward you with something very special.

MAP: The whole map has around 300 rooms, divided into zones. Each zone has its own enemies, its own ambience, its own soundtrack, and, of course, its own boss.

STORY: The story is not to save the world, but rather to go on an intruiging journey wrought with humor. Not to mention all the dialogues and cinematics, all voiced in English.

GAME MODES: Ghost has 2 game modes: "classic" and "survival". Classic is similar to a metroidvania, where the more you advance through the game, the more stuff you obtain and the harder the enemies become. Survival is crazier, as you get stuff much faster and you'll soon turn into a killing machine, but you lose everything when you die.

SKILL TREE: The RPG component of the game is found in the skill tree, where you can spend skill points to level up characters, obtaining special skills for each one. Depending on what skills you select, your gameplay will change in an interesting way.

And the rest is a mystery, one that I shouldn't spoil... you'll just have to discover the rest on your own.
Release date
Francisco Téllez de Meneses
@unepic_fran, Francisco Téllez de Meneses, Francis Cota
Age rating
10+ Everyone 10+

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP or later
  • Processor: 2Ghz or faster processer
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 512MB VRAM (NVIDIA GeForce) There can be problems with INTEL graphic cards
  • DirectX: Version 8.0
  • Storage: 250 MB available space
  • Additional Notes: To play normally, screen must be no smaller than 1280x720. Best resolution is 1920x1080. There can be problems with INTEL graphic cards
  • Graphics:
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Cube rush
Gather 3000 or more cubes in the mission 'Spread it'.
Lead Boots
Complete the mission 'The Swapper' without jumping.
Saving ammo
Complete the mission 'Leap gun' having always 15 or more bullets.
Posession time
Complete the mission 'Basket' with a maximum of 15 seconds elapsed between each kill.
Skills are for noobs
Finish the game without selecting any skill in the Skill Tree.
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Smoke gets Misty eyed
Ghost 1.0 (PS4)
"I'm hoping these are stacking...:
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Ghost 1.0 reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
This is a game that enjoys beginning to almost the end. This is because the penultimate and the last mission (call the "travel agency" and "The End" for non-spoilear) are quite repetitive and boring compared to the rest. Leaving that aside, the game seemed great. To Highlight I would say: The story is interesting cinematics are fun (especially those that pass when you die) The gameplay is entertaining and satisfying The weapons are varied (Although some feel similar) The fights against bosses handle u Mechanical na such that losing can restart the fight immediately (or not), thus avoiding having to go all the way back to the room again and again (something that some games do not make and becomes something boring and unnecessary) I have only 11 hours but It offers a lot of replayability (medium Difficulty in survival mode) And also taking into consideration that it is a cheap game, I can say that I recommend it without a doubt.
Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
I Do Not usually write reviews but a vacation I have left with many hours involved in this game in a short time and I've been wanting to talk a little about it. Ghost is the second game, I know, the team behind Unepic. One has been playing metroidvanias for many years and when I saw unepic I found that there was a lot of potential there. I Got stuck and never finished the game but I found that there were very innovative and good things. Some worked very well others did not. So when I saw that they had taken a new game I dared to buy it, the best compliment I can do is that as I usually do not have too much time to play I'm not a victim of novelty and always wait for months and games lower price , but with ghost I said "come buy it because surely it will compensate, you'll get hours and also sure to have improved from the first" After having finished and enjoyed I can only reaffirm in my initial impression. Ghost is a very well worked metroidvania with all the topics of the genre. Unlike unepic has more action doses and a faster pace, which is very good. The game also comes with two different game modes that make the game experience different, especially because the combination of weapons and improvements is not fixed which makes you have to look for different strategies each time. Of course it still lacks things to reach the excellence but not for the gameplay or fun. Like Unepic has new things that never'd see in a bigger studio game. Some work very well and are surprising others because not so much and some even kill the rhythm. For my taste For example the final level of the travel agency is a very good idea and a change of pace nice, but that is too long to bore a bit and especially kills you the replayability in a second game when you know the puzzles and you know that only remains is or before the end. These Are things that I think will eventually improve over time. To me it seems more polished than unepic and at least sure I will play the next game to see where they go.
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