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Just Cause

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Grand Theft Auto-like Just Cause features a unique setting and the ability to literally destroy everything. Play as Rico Rodriguez, CIA agent that on a mission to topple the dictator’s rule in one small tropical island San Esperito.Agent Rodriguez can count on the help from fellow colleagues from the agency: Tom Sheldon and Maria Kane. The game features non-linear gameplay and fully open world with more than 1000 square kilometres of tropical jungle, sandy beaches and cities to explore. There are 21 story missions and more than 300 side quests to complete in the singleplayer campaign. Just Cause uses Avalanche Engine that allows recreating detailed landscapes and more than 80 ways to travel around San Esperito via land, air and water: at player disposal bikes, cars, boats, submarines, helicopters and planes. Rico can perform stunts with any of them, jump to another car or use parachute while on the roof.
Metacritic rating
Release date
Sep 26, 2006
Avalanche Studios
Square Enix, Eidos Interactive
Age rating
17+ Mature

System requirements for PC

  • Microsoft Windows® 2000/XP. (Windows® 95/98/ME/NT not supported)
  • Pentium IV 1.4GHz (or AMD AthlonXP 1700+ processor or higher).
  • 256MB System Memory.
  • 3D Hardware Accelerator Card Required - 100% DirectX® 9.0c compatible with 128 MB and Shader model 2.0. (GF FX 5700 or ATI 9500)
  • 100% DirectX® 9.0c compatible 16-bit sound card and latest drivers
  • 4.0GB of uncompressed free disk space (plus 600MB for Windows® 2000/XP swap file)
  • 100% Windows® 2000/XP compatible mouse, keyboard and latest drivers.
  • Pentium® IV 2.8GHz with Dual Core Technology (or Athlon 64 series).
  • 512MB System Memory.
  • 3D Hardware Accelerator Card Required - 100% DirectX® 9.0c compatible with 256 MB and Shader model 2.0. All nVidia® GeForce™ 7 series or higher.
  • Sound Blaster® X-Fi series or higher.
  • Pentium® D Processor with Dual Core Technology (or Athlon 64 X2 series).
  • 1GB System Memory.
  • All nVidia® GeForce™ 7800 series or higher.
  • Sound Blaster® X-Fi series or higher.
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Just Cause reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Grotto Bad Game. So sry. I started with Just Cause 2. The Game is really awesome. But JC1 is the final Scrap. The Resolution can only be selected up to 1280x1024. 1600x1200 is still in the Options, but a) makes no sense with today'S Monitors and b) you can't even Choose it. The Control is a Ridge. Vehicles rotate 2 times around their own Axis at the smallest left or right steering. And as is often the case in Video Games, there's the typical Logic Of Faux Pas, which, when I put myself in front of Vehicles, they just push me aside as if I were Air or not there at all. However, If I drive and get in the Way of a Vehicle, it has the Effect of driving with a Car with 200 Things against a Concrete Pillar ... In Contrast to Part 2, you have to choose the Gripping hook as a "Weapon" here and then Rico often doesn't do what he should. Countless Times he simply detaches himself from the Helicopter, sails down with the Parachute or just doesn't pull himself up, but just gets stuck underneath. You are Constantly annoyed by heckling from the Police To stop. Whether you're being persecuted at all or not. While there is a Solution to turn off this Soundbug, I can't understand that the fact that the Developers haven't been fixed. There are Side Missions, but they are endless and constantly repeated. And a Sense? You get Points for which new Weapons are unlocked. But You don't really need it in this Game. In principle, then, one can give yourself confidently. The Missions are lost or simply stupid. For example, there is a Mission where you want to destroy 2 Silos and then steal a TRUCK. Funny, when the Area is fenced with the silos, by a simple Wire fence, which cannot even be destroyed with a large Vehicle. Or Explosives ... What is even more ridiculous then is that you hardly arrive at your Destination by truck afterwards, because you are constantly and continuously attacked by Enemies. Unless you're not driving on the Road, you're just going next to it in the Meadow. Then maybe only 1 Opponent Will spawn truck instead of 10. While there is no Point, It is so. In another Mission, I should eliminate a volatile Vehicle (or his occupants) and steal something he loses. Then it starts with the fact that you are at the mercilessly stupid of AI. Not only does it drive beautifully slowly, like Aunt Gudrun on the Weekend Coffee Gossip Ride and thus deliver unnecessarily to the pursuing Bandits. No, you only have a forward-facing, mounted MG. Then, when you're fired upon from behind or the Sides during The pursuit, you have next to no Chance. Unless you jump off. This causes damage every Time because you jump off during the full Journey and also lose the Connection to The persecuted. Not better did the Whole thing then make the fact that the Mission was once again classified as failed after I turned off the Target Person as desired. So I'm glad I only paid n Euros in the Steam Sale for it. Too bad actually. Not recommended further.
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