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Far Cry 2

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Far Cry 2 Fortune's Edition is an open-world FPS developed by Ubisoft Montreal. It is the second installment in the series.

Jump in the boots of a mercenary sent to an African country where the civil war breaks out. Your target is a notorious arms dealer that supplies both sides of the conflict. As the player arrives at the hotel, they pass out due to malaria. Waking up, you find your target standing over you, reading the mission briefing. The player is too weak to eliminate the arms dealer due to malaria-induced weakness. The Protagonist is left for dead by their target as shooting begins outside the hotel. Get out there, find the target and eliminate him.

Far Cry 2 is the first game to feature an open world. It offers a large set of means of transportation. A day-night cycle is also featured. Far Cry 2 is a very realistic game featuring weapon degradation, dynamic weather, simulated fire, vegetation regeneration, the players even have to take out the physical map and GPS in order to find their way in the game world.

A class-based multiplayer mode with up to 16 players is also featured.

Fortune's edition adds 3 new weapons, 2 vehicles, and 4 multiplayer maps.

Release date
Ubisoft Montreal
Ubisoft Entertainment
Age rating
17+ Mature
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Last Modified: Dec 6, 2019

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Far Cry 2 reviews and comments

Definitely not for hot blood doom lovers.
But if you like wild Africa and the lonely environment, you will love this game.
It's a piece of art.
«Sit back and relax»
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Stormy constantly just from habs didn't even get to the Point of getting to get to get out of the Taxi, I was just outside the Hotel ... Update 02.07.2016 17:58 Sooo, finally working, looked around me in the Discussions and tried everything: Change drd9 to Drd10, change from Directx 10 to Directx 9, delete Gamerprofile.xml, and what was still recommended, nothing helped. Habs tried again and again and after 1 Hour I got so far until after the Introsequence he wakes up in the Hotel, quickly f5 for Quick Storage and ... Game crashes, restarted game score loaded us lo and behold, ES LEBT. Have then played about another Hour and so far I can only say Top! The Graphics, of course, are not the latest but hey run for it without any Problems with 120 fps. I really like the Story so far and the Gameplay is fine, too. Since I have seen the Intro now with Certainty 15 Times, I was surprised that the Soldiers at this Roadblock dressed differently every time and every time there were completely different Soldiers, thought the same are probably always not the same, but apparently not, and what was cool too You can select at the Beginning which character you want to play, and all those you don't choose will then be integrated into the Story later in the Game. What I find a Pity, however, is that the Protagonist himself cannot speak. There is no Crosshairs and very interesting is the raised Weapons of Opponents who are rusty, scratched Or dirty loading moods and also again and again again suspended what makes the whole game much more exciting the weapons Work perfectly when you put them new In a Store In addition, there is no Arrow like in FC3 that indicates whether the Opponents have seen you, here you know this at the Moment you are shot at from all Sides. There are also Waffs-free Zones, on FC3, If you move to the Cities Jason just put the Guns away, here you can still shoot or aim at People, but you should avoid then everyone in the City is trying to kill you. Payment here is exclusively with Diamonds, one can find them in suitcases spread all over the map with the card in the left hand and the Diamond Detector In the right which works in the same Way as this device that you can use in FC3 on this one Mission Need to collect these white Packages for this Man because his Daughter was kidnapped by Aliens (So he told me anyway) Well, I think I wrote enough for it that I only played a few Hours:D I hope my "Bug Fix" can still help someone and then I wish you lots of Fun!
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