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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell is a stealth-action game developed by Ubisoft Montreal. It is the first installment of the Splinter Cell franchise.


In 2003, the United States government formed a new covert agency to gather intelligence. It is a top-secret organization named Third Echelon. The agency has access to cutting-edge surveillance and military technologies. Third Echelon's agents are free to violate any law as long as it is required to complete the mission successfully.

In 2004, contact is lost with a CIA agent. Homeland security sends a second agent to check on the CIA's asset, yet contact is lost again. Third Echelon sends Sam Fischer to investigate the situation.


The game's main focus is to hide from the enemy instead of going loud and gun-blazing. The players have to leave no trace of themselves. It is essential to stick to the shadows, use the environment for cover and carefully pick your equipment to avoid detection.

Shadows are the best friend of the player. A special indicator is present on an in-game HUD that shows if the players are visible to their enemies. The game does not welcome the usage of weapons as the sound of gunfire is very loud and can be heard from the distance. The players have to rely on headshots, as they don't have much ammo on them. Sam has multiple advanced gadgets to aid him in his mission as well as a lot of hand-to-hand combat experience.

Release date
Ubisoft Annecy
Ubisoft Montreal
Ubisoft Toronto
Ubisoft Shanghai
Aspyr, Gameloft, Ubisoft Entertainment
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • Supported OS: Microsoft Windows® 2000/XP
  • Processor: Pentium® III or AMD Athlon™ 800 MHz
  • System Memory: 256 MB of RAM or above
  • Video Card: 32 MB 3D video card (64
  • Sound Card: Direct X 8.1 compliant sound card (
  • DirectX Version: DirectX® version 8.1 or higher
  • Hard Disk: 1.5 GB available hard disk space
  • Multiplayer: Broadband Internet connection
  • Supported OS: Microsoft Windows® 2000/XP
  • Processor: Pentium® III or AMD Athlon™ 1.0 GHz
  • System Memory: 256 MB of RAM or above
  • Video Card: 64 MB 3D video card/
  • Sound Card: Direct X 8.1 compliant sound card with surround system
  • DirectX Version: Direct X 8.1
  • Hard Disk: 2.1 GB available hard disk space
  • Note: For an up-to-date list of supported chipsets, video cards, and operating systems, please visit the FAQ for this game at: http://support.ubi.com.
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Last Modified: Sep 7, 2020

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Pick lock on 25 doors.
Cyber Warfare
Collect data stick from 47 computer terminals.
Passive Aggression
Complete the game without having more than 3 fatal casualties per level.
Privacy Matters
Disable 25 unguarded cameras.
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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
The Game is a Milestone of the Computer Game, then and now still very good. We, no: Sam Fischer, is a Secret Agent of the NSA who, startlingly old-fashioned, usually still has to achieve his Goals on Foot. The History he is experiencing here, however, is hardly commonplace, very complex with some well-made Twists. It takes us to different Places in the World in the estimated 12 relatively linear levels. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=918588548 In each Level, we get certain Goals, part duty, partly optional, that advance history. I think that's very good (better than just having to "get through"). It is mainly necessary to rely on Stealth, just because the Missions are canceled when the alarm is triggered too often. Many of the stealth typical Actions, sneaks, Enemies knock out or bypass, eliminate Light Sources, apply sound-steamed Pistol, etc. are Used. To find his way around in The Dark, Sam has the night vision Device so striking for the Game. This bathes the Environment in a grey Light. Later, Sam also has a Thermal Imaging Camera. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=918589214 The Opponents are not to be underestimated. Once they have spotted us, it is quickly on our Collar. Our Health, too, suffers quite a bit. However, there are Medipacks to collect, which we can use in good time. They are also Clairvoyant. Sneaking is therefore always quite popular. Despite the relatively linear Structure of the Levels, there are quite different Methods and Ways to achieve the Goal. The Opponents can be shot or bypassed or you sneak on and turn them off. My ultimate Goal, by the way, is to get through once unrecognized and without Harm. Anyway, the Game has quite a Replay appeal. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=918588894 Sam has to take care of Door locks, read foreign Emails, find codes and Smoke people, in addition to their Fellow Human Beings. This is all pretty Fun, even if it may seem a bit repetitive In the Long run (probably such a 13h Game time). It may be a bit of a shame that the Game does not evaluate how "well" you have completed a Mission (how many Dead, how many Alarms, etc.). It just comes down to having made it. Just towards the End, we have a Shootout where all Stealth brings nothing more. I don't think That's a good thing. I would have liked it if you always had an Alternative to it. The Fight was also quite hard. For me, you can save at any time (as a Quicksave, of which only the last one is preserved, or as a normal save) and so once achieved you don't have to play again and again. In addition, the Game also saves at Checkpoints. The Overview Map Sam gets from his Agency may be pretty worthless because it's far too inaccurate to be helpful, but only sometimes you stand at a perplexed, not knowing where to go. But the HUD is very good, with health and Visibility display, and the current Tool (or Weapon). The Graphics are no longer Top and the Figures slightly angular, but it is still sufficiently good. However, the Quality of the Cutscenes (except the Intro) is no longer a Great Pleasure. I think the Control with Keyboard and Mouse is very good. The Keyboard Assignment can be determined freely. In the Beginning, it might be unusual to select Actions to an Object from a Menu, but once you get used to it, it's quite good. At most, the Differentiation between Use, Interface and Action (Fire) really took me getting used to. I mistook the three Possibilities for quite a while. You can apparently also use a Gamepad to play, but I have not tested any further. I had no Trouble playing the Game on Windows 10, which already impresses at the Age of the Game (released in 2002). Pro & Contra: + Very good Stealth + Good Story + Good handling and Control + Good Storage possible o graphics is still sufficiently good o Something too little Variety o The imposed Shootout at the End (at The Hostage Sequence)-(nothing occurs to me) rating: 9/10 Das Game is a very good Mix of a lot of Stealth and some Shooter and is still a lot of Fun today. PS: The Screenshots were stored in the Format 4:3, and the Game 16:9 is shown on corresponding Screens.
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