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Far Cry

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The game that started the popular Far Cry series. The player assumes the role of Jack Carver, a former special forces operative who became a ferryman. The protagonist was hired by a journalist Valerie Constantine to escort her to a remote Pacific island. Soon after they arrived, the boat was attacked, and Valerie went missing. Now Carver is stranded on an archipelago covered by tropical rainforests, which are hiding an abandoned Japanese warship, a secret lab, and an active volcano. On a search for Valerie, he will fight a gang of mercenaries and discover the monstrous experiments that are carried out on this islands.
Carver eventually gains access to a variety of firearms. He’s also equipped with binoculars that allow him to see and even hear the enemies from far away. Stealth and detection are the central aspects of the Far Cry gameplay. The lush vegetation in the jungle offers perfect cover, so both Carver and his opponents can hide and sneak behind each other’s backs. The design and huge size of levels allow for a variety of routes and approaches to complete each mission, with use of stealth, surprise attacks, sniping, or another tactic of your choice.

Release date
Ubisoft Entertainment
Age rating
17+ Mature

System requirements for PC

  • Supported OS: Windows® 2000/XP (only)
  • Processor: AMD Athlon™ 1 GHz or Pentium® III 1 GHz
  • Memory: 256 MB
  • Graphics: 64 MB DirectX® 9.0b-compliant graphics card (see supported list*)
  • Sound: DirectX 9.0b compliant PCI card (Sound Blaster Audigy series recommended)
  • DirectX: DirectX 9.0b or higher
  • Hard Disk Space: 4 GB
  • Multiplay: Broadband with 64 Kbps upstream (512 Kbps upstream to host 8 players)
  • Mouse/Keyboard: Windows compatible mouse and keyboard required
  • Supported OS: Windows 2000/XP (only)
  • Processor: AMD Athlon 2-3 GHz or Pentium 4 2-3 GHz
  • Memory: 512-1024 MB
  • Sound: Sound Blaster® Audigy® series (see supported list*)
  • Graphics: 128 MB GeForce™ 4 128 MB to GeForce FX 5950; ATI Radeon 9500-9800 XT
  • *Supported video cards at time of retail release: NVIDIA GeForce 2/3/4/FX families ( NVIDIA based cards must have ForceWare drivers 53.03 or later; GeForce 2 and GeForce 4 MX cards do not support all graphics features). ATI Radeon 8500/9000 families (ATI Radeon 9500-9800 XT recommended; ATI-based cards must have Catalyst drivers 3.9 or higher). Laptop models of the listed cards are not fully supported. For an up-to-date list of supported chipsets, video cards, and operating systems, please visit the FAQ for this game at: http://support.ubi.com.
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Last Modified: Aug 10, 2020

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Far Cry reviews and comments

A confusing, messy, bizarre FPS. Does enough novel and interesting things (massive levels, destructible vegetation, bright new setting) to make up for the multitude of problems in the game. Only bears a vague resemblance to later entries in the series.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Far Cry is a stereotypical but somehow sooler Shooter. I usually like critical Content and Stories that are a little demanding. However, I see in Far Cry a successful and welcome Change, here you can just sit down in the evening and make Mutants flat. For absolute Bration you should choose the simple Degree of Difficulty, because the middle one is already quite tricky when it goes to the Mutants. The Story is wonderfully cluttered with Stereotypes, felt after every Downing There is a silly Saying, the insane World Conqueror has sadly lost control and of course there is a female Side-kick. The Weapons are also to be used, the human Opponents sometimes turn up a bit stupid, but usually quite clever (medium Difficulty). Somewhat annoyingly, they shoot through Tents. Well. The Mutants are then a bit trickier, but also solvable. What surprised me in a positive way is the Graphic of 2004, which can still be seen ten years later. This also applies to the Game Mechanics, which consist of blunt Overlooks and Rum Ballers, but there are various Solutions for the Hose level. It is precisely this Mechanic that I find welcome as a Change, because you really don't have to do anything else that suits me quite well if I just want to get angry. All in all, Far Cry is a welcome Trash-looking shooter, where you only have to shoot for the most part. If that is enough, you will enjoy the Game, who is looking for more realistic Games and wants to deal with a little more complex Mechanics, can then deal with Far Cry 2, because that is the start of a completely new Series.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Review: Far Cry I took 12.4hrs to play through the Story and bought the Game for £2.50in in the Steam Sale. I used a Quick Save Mod. Then you are already inside the beautiful South Sea Adventure with two different Types of Enemies: The Mercenaries of the mysterious Dr. Krieger and completely failed And frightening looking Mutant monkeys. We play Jack, a casual Guy with a cool Hawaiian Shirt and then there's Valerie as well. Like to Play the 20 beautifully designed and very varied Levels yourself and experience the Adventure of Jack through the dreamlike island World! Whether, in time, this one is still as dreamlike and idyllic as it was in the Beginning? 25% Atmosphere: 9/10 + extremely beautiful design of the Locations + Beautiful Game Feeling + holiday atmosphere + partly also with Shudder elements + everything seems very lively 20% Story: 6/10 + At least 12h play time + good end + very interesting Basic idea + very special Basic Idea Characters, good Main Character +/-no real side Strands-told too little at some Playpoints-overall Quite thin 15% level Design: 10/10 + very nice design of the Locations + extremely large And extensive Levels + very many possibilities for Solution + varied + tactically advancing opponents 10% Graphics: 10/10 + then revolutionary good + still nice + still nice to add to it today by mods even further appreciable + beautiful Island World with Then very nice details + water 10% Sound: 8/10 + consistently good and Pleasant Without large 10% Balance: 7/10 + five different Levels of Difficulty + very many different weapons with good Weapon balance + very good AI + good control + good game entry +/-very demanding, just starting from ' heavy ' +/-difficulty level ' heavy ' only for experienced Shooter Player +/-steep difficulty Increase +/-EXTREMELY demanding Final fight +/-Checkpoints neither too much nor too unfair-AI partly with ' Wallhack '-partly far too large ammunition shortages-for shooter newcomers possibly too heavy 10% price/price/performance: 9/10 Game Circumference: Story 12-15h, (Multiplayer) Very cheap Price! (£1000 Normal Price; £2.50p Salary price) Conclusion: The Classic Far Cry From 2004 is definitely still recommended and passed the Test of Time wonderfully even after 12 Years. In addition, a very good value for money. Bay your Summer holiday right here, in Far Cry! GESAMT: 83.5/100 Points Star Rating: * * * * Genre Rating: * * * * 1/4
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