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Last Dream

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Last Dream incorporates the best features of classic RPGs: replayability and complete immersion into a vast world, rich with detail.

  • 40+ hours of dynamic gameplay
  • 15+ additional hours of immersive side quests
  • 1+ hours of interspersed flashbacks
  • 200+ compositions from talented, independent artists
  • 50 mind-bending puzzles
  • 200+ tracked achievements
  • 500+ unique paths by virtue of the non-linear gameplay
  • 701-page comprehensive Strategy Guide and walkthrough

Key Features
Follow the rise of your modest protagonists to epic heights in a sprawling RPG packed with a vast set of challenging puzzles, hundreds of original compositions, myriad side quests, and interspersed cutscenes within an in-depth, captivating storyline.

  • Thoughtfully-crafted storyline with memorable characters
  • Classic turn-based battle system and graphics
  • Adjustable difficulty level and custom scripts
  • 4-character party selected from 8 unique classes
  • Unlock a wide diversity of class skills
  • Build each character's attributes as you see fit
  • Leaderboards! (visit our website at http://WhiteGiantRPG.com)

A Deep Storyline Focus
Experience a highly non-linear RPG from an independent development studio with a sprawling storyline. You commence as a modest protagonist, lost in an unfamiliar world... As you struggle to find a way back home, you uncover an increasingly malevolent and time-twisted plot to devour the ancient creatures of Terra. You must confront this corrupted power to save Terra and ultimately, yourself.

Complex Role Playing – Explore a vast RPG where the decisions you make change the world around you. Will you gather and trade the Ancient Elven Relics for a Dorian ship, or trek through the uncharted depths of the Woods of Despair? By virtue of the choices available in Last Dream, there are over five hundred unique paths in your journey through the mystical land of Terra.

Tremendous Replayability – Last Dream allows the freedom to choose any 4-character party you wish from 8 distinctive character classes. With over 4,000 party variations, you’ll never run out of new experiences. In addition to myriad party combinations and various selectable difficulty levels, you can also build each character as you see fit, so the possibilities are nearly endless.

Side Quests Galore – Whether you love the rush of gambling at Lucky’s Casino, the sensation of adrenaline pumping through your gauntlet-covered veins as you stare down your opponents at Cecil’s Arena, or even the feeling of frantically racing your giant flightless bird to win first place, Last Dream is packed with gameplay enhancements.

Our development team is comprised of people who deeply cherish the RPGs of our childhoods.

We began developing Last Dream to be the central element of our decades-running annual RPG Tournament among physics graduates. That is, we started with the sole desire to craft an enduring game that we would personally enjoy.

As Last Dream progressed and over 50 creative individuals became involved, we realized that other people might enjoy our game as well. Now, after investing thousands of collective hours in game development and testing, and after receiving such generous support from the Kickstarter and Steam communities (thank you!!), we present you with Last Dream - the first in a trilogy.

The Last Dream Expansion and Last Dream II are currently in development. Our progress can be viewed here: Last Dream Expansion and here: Last Dream II

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Release date
White Giant RPG Studios
White Giant RPG Studios
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: XP
  • Processor: 1.0 GHz
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Storage: 900 MB available space
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Complete the Game on Normal Difficulty
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Complete the Game using the Save Option 'Save Only in Designated Locations' on Normal Difficulty or Higher
Complete the Game with a Hunter in Your Party
God of the Arena
Complete Tier #5 of the Arena
Leave No Door Locked
Obtain the Upgraded Skeleton Key
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Design Club Live (6/6/14). Game Design with Last Dream (1/2)
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Last Dream Reborn PB 21:27.95
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Last Dream reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
First Of all: You can like this Game – Or not. It depends entirely on how you face old 8-and 16Bit era JRPGs. Last Dream is a Game that could hardly be classier. In the first Pass you become (and should) grin a lot and farm to get a pleasant Foundation for the further Runs. This certainly doesn't please every Player, but the older Zocker generations are quickly reminded of earlier Times here. Otherwise, this Game basically doesn't offer anything that hasn't been around somehow and anywhere. However, it packs many well-known Game Mechanics with each other nicely, be it the level system characterized By a lot of Freedoms, the Mini-games, various means of Transport, etc. It can be clearly seen that this is "only" an RPG maker game: Unlike comparable Games, comparatively few individualized Tiesets were used here, so that the Whole thing over long Distances is more like a somewhat amateurish Funproject works. However, Last Dream also gains a Lot of Charm and a more intense Look into the Game Mechanics shows that a Lot of Work and Consideration has gone into the Project. It is precisely these Mechanics that have been very successful in most Cases. Only the Formula for Calculating Damage is, in my View, somewhat unfortunate, because distributing some Points into the Attack (or, Conversely, defense) has too much Of an impact. Opponents, some of whom are barely manageable with the current Level, become little more than Cannon Fodder after 2-3 Levels. Here I would have liked a slower but also more even increase, so that after Level 100-150 you still have a Reason to climb further. Apart from that, however, the Level system works very well and, thanks to the free Distribution of the so-called AP, allows a very individual Character Development, which in Combination with the 8 Classes in total provides a lot Of Variety. Balancing Also works well, even if some Classes are more effective than others (the Monk, for example, is virtually out of reach at the higher Levels, while the Engineer offers few Advantages). On the technical Side, there is little to complain about as long as you don't forget what game wants to be There. The Graphics, of course, look old-fashioned, but this was in the Interest of the Developers; After all, the Whole thing is a Tribute. The Soundtrack may be a little too modern in places, but offers plenty of Variety. In The meantime, thanks to Patch, the Control can also be adjusted individually, so that some of The Criticisms, which I would have listed here a few Weeks ago, have now been dealt with. Speaking of Patch, the Game gets a big Plus for Support from the Developers. Even now, with already being diligently tinkered with the Successor, Last Dream still receives plenty of Support. Patches appear, developers actively and diligently take care of the Community and even a free Strategy Guide with over 700 Pages (which, admittedly, could also have been shortened to 300-400 Pages if they had built it up differently) is offered In the End, it can be said that even at a Full Price of about 10 Euros this game is an absolutely worthwhile purchase – If, as mentioned at the beginning, you can do something with this Genre.
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