Ocha-ken no Boukenjima - Waka Yume no Airando

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'Ocha-ken no Boukenjima' (お茶犬の冒険島) is a Japanese action-platformer game released for the Game Boy Advance on December 22nd, 2005. Based on a variety of different teas, it originated as a children's toy franchise by (J) SEGA Toys, but has since branched out among Nintendo gaming consoles.

As the fourth and last entry of Ocha-ken to the Game Boy Advance, Ocha-ken no Boukenjima is an anime-inspired, loose sequel that takes up the boots of 'Ocha-ken no Yumebouken'- the third installment of the franchise. Like before, the player chooses a pet- but instead of the usual one, the player must select a pair of pets to adventure with: 1 tea dog, and 1 tea cat, from a lineup of 15 total characters (one being entirely customizable).

Once these have been selected, the ocha-pets must cooperate in taking turns as they travel through the island. Dogs are able to hover in the air with their leaf-like ears and swim, whereas cats can double-jump but are unable to adapt to water. Along the way, the team may bump into other tea pets who often have favours to ask- usually in the form of minigames. Watch out for enemies as you continue exploring, and try to collect all the stars and tea parts in each stage before you reach the end!

System requirements for Game Boy Advance

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