Ocha-Ken no Heya DS 3

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'Ocha-ken no Heya DS 3' (otherwise known as お茶犬の部屋DS3) is a virtual pet simulator developed by MTO for the Nintendo DS. The fourth installment of the DS lineup, it was released exclusively in Japan on May 22nd, 2008. Based on a variety of different teas, it originated as a children's toy franchise by (J) SEGA Toys, but has since branched out among Nintendo gaming consoles.

In this tertiary chapter of Ocha-Ken DS, the scene opens to a destination known as 'South Island', a widespread paradise for your pets to spend their Summer! Being home to both familiar pets and the recent introduction of 'Ocha-Ken Sweets', embellish your dream island with over 28 Ocha-pets to resort within.

Following in the steps of its founding games, bare bungalows and sands surround the island in need of decorating; unlike before, however, there are no restrictions on where you can place your furniture. Mix and match with over 550 pieces of furniture, some of which even being able to be grown and harvested using magical seeds, and take on 36 different minigames to make a true living of the island!

System requirements for Nintendo DS

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Last Modified: Jun 25, 2022

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