Ocha-Ken no Daibouken 2: Yume Ippai no Omocha-Bako

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'Ocha-Ken no Daibouken 2: Yume Ippai no Omocha-Bako' (otherwise known as お茶犬の大冒険2 ~夢いっぱいのおもちゃ箱~) is an action-platformer game developed by MTO for the Nintendo DS. The fifth installment of the DS lineup, it follows up on the previous 'Honwaka Action Game' made for the DS, and was released exclusively in Japan on December 18th, 2008.

The next action-adventure video game in line of the Ocha-Ken franchise, this time the world is set within a zestful toy box- weaving the themes of childhood and simpler times in one package! Hop from platform to platform with your favourite Ocha-pet, as you tinker with exhilarating toy-related gimicks and levels. Scattered across eight main stages, complete all three areas, and a hidden stage will appear after each one.

With 28 returning Ocha-pets for you to play as, you can develop a great sense of adventure while making full use of the stylus and touch screen. Wind up a variety of toys that perform different tasks to help out with your quest, figure out puzzles that come your way, flip levers and time your actions, and much more. You can even dig out minigames and comics from the start menu, to take a break from the main game and satisfy your pastimes.

System requirements for Nintendo DS

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