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See how a game created by the very Jigsaw would look like! Use the available objects, outwit tricky illusions and optical puzzles and above all, answer the question – will you dare to Play with Me? An investigative journalist, Robert Hawk, together with his wife Sara disappears in mysterious circumstances. The police find only the wreck of their car. According to the suspicions of the investigation officers, a man called „Illusion”, a serial killer about who Hawk has been writing investigative articles for a long time, may have something to do with their disappearance. Apparently, he was very close to discover his identity with the help of his friend, a private detective Patrick Clark. Now, as a result of the accident, Hawk finds himself in the “Illusion” and he has to get through a maze of puzzles to survive. See the dark world created by a sick mind and see who is behind that. However, you will not be alone during this journey – you will be able to win the gratitude of the imprisoned and even get their help with a bit of manipulation and favours. How will you use them? Are you ready to sacrifice your friend to get away from the trap? Test your human nature during many moral choices and secondary quests which will lead you to tens of endings! Get to a higher level of immersion and use real objects to outsmart the harasser. Blow into the microphone to blow out the candles, make a hand gesture to light the match, shake the box (what may be inside?), open the jar (watch out because the eyeballs may fall out!) or attack someone with a hammer! I hope you have a mirror within your reach… And that is only the beginning of the surprises! Enter the world of a dangerous psychopath and slowly go mad thanks to such a realistic system of determining the mental state of your character used for the first time in a computer game! At the end, chill out with some additional activities – write your own diary in a virtual telephone, read text messages or play mobile games – all of these to avoid going crazy. And remember that thanks to some random elements each encounter with the game will be different! When you feel you need a challenge, test your skills in additional modes, including the exceptional survival mode.
Release date
Nov 17, 2017
IQ Publishing, Libredia
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Microsoft Windows 7 32bit
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 1,66 GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Radeon HD 7500G/Intel HD Graphics 3000
  • Storage: 1 GB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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PLAY WITH ME reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
A really good Game, which I can recommend. The Puzzles are also awesome if you don't think too complicated (which was THE Case with me XD) but you can solve the Puzzles. Beautiful Graphics, very cool Story and Puzzles. "Play with me" gets a Thumbs up from me:D. Great Job AIREM:)
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
I'm a Fan of the SAW Series and when I learned that there's a Game that deals with a similar Topic, I just had to access it. Well, the Story, the Approaches with the Puzzles (Numbers are always different in a new Game, which is supposed to complicate solutions) and many Rooms are pretty good, as is the Atmosphere. But at the latest after the sixth Room is sometimes good and you just want to get out. The Synchronization is so terrible that it is almost good again. I can no longer hear the Statement "Hmm, incorrect code?" To death, even the constant Repetitions of Objects Annoy quite a bit, I know at some point that these Boxes next to the Door are electric Number locks! The Puzzles often consist of Typing in any Number combinations somewhere. About like this: Enter space-> Find Code for a Chest and open those-> find new Piece of equipment-> Find code for the next Door, type in and get everything back over. This will get boring at some point, even the Euphoria of solving the right thing goes so eventually flush. I have to admit that I have not progressed in the Doll'S Room and gradually have no Desire. I will probably never know how the Game ends. I can only recommend the Game to real Horror Fans with a razor-sharp Mind who want to support small Productions. The middle Thumb would be best, but the Tendency is negative with me. NIGHT 24.10.2018: When I found out about an Update with the new "Helmishing Hand" feature, I gave Play With Me a new Chance. The Game is now much lighter and it was not a big Problem to play through. There are several Endings, unfortunately all are not particularly good, at least for my Taste. I have to mention that the Game has big Bugs. Often Calls in Rooms did not come up or Solutions did not appear. In the Doll's Room It happened that the Doll did not drop the Note with a Number And it was impossible to Get On. In another Room, a Combination of numbers that is correct MUSSTE just doesn't work. Whenever such Errors occur, you can start a completely new Game. Just resetting level didn't work out with me. I think the Developer is doing his Best and I have Respect for his Work, but things like That just mustn't happen in a finished Game. Maybe Early Access would have been better here.
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