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ShootMania Storm

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ShootMania the FPS “Powered By Players”

ShootMania Storm is revolutionizing the multiplayer FPS by adding a community dimension and unlimited replayability. Developed by the Nadeo studio, renowned for community racing game, TrackMania, ShootMania Storm boasts quick-fire matches and epic battles, where only your talent will distinguish you from the crowd. Alone, or in a team, enter the arena of your choice: maps, modes and rankings, you are free to play as you like and take part in the ShootMania community as it suits you. Earn the respect of your opponents by improving your ranking, winning eSports competitions or creating your own incredible gaming experiences. A community of FPS players awaits you at the heart of the ManiaPlanet network!Game Features
An Unlimited Gaming World customized For You
  • Whether they are classic or developed exclusively for ShootMania Storm, the wide variety of maps and gaming modes offered within the game or created by the community will allow you to live constantly changing experiences.
Innovative Intuitive Playability
  • Accessible to many and allowing the best to stand out, ShootMania guarantees fun from the first game to the last.
Tailor-made For Competition
  • Experience a fight at any time in a spectacular world. The many competitions held on ShootMania Storm offer the best sporting atmosphere.
Pure Multiplayer Delirium
  • Many players can take each other on simultaneously! The "matchmaking" system allows players to easily connect to a server on their level, whether for pure enjoyment or competition.
Create Your Own Game
  • With its map and script editors, numerous communication tools, Machinima sharing and editing tools, etc., ShootMania Storm offers everyone the opportunity to create and share their own game.
Release date
Ubisoft Entertainment
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS:Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
  • Processor:1.5 Ghz
  • Memory:1 GB RAM
  • Graphics:256 Mb, Pixel Shader 2.0 / Intel HD 2000
  • DirectX®:9.0c
  • Hard Drive:2 GB HD space
  • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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ShootMania Storm reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
"ShootMania: The player, for Player FPS" – so the official Page of the well-known Development Team Nadeo is titled. Already with "TrackMania," the Team showed that they are able to provide Innovation and Long-term Motivation. The Principle of actively engaging the Community in the Game, many Statistics and especially the level editor, made "TrackMania" one of the most successful community games in recent Years. Whether this Game principle can be applied to a First-person Shooter? You can read this here on DLH.Net. Story An elaborate Story is completely dispensed with in "ShootMania Storm." Anyone expecting a gripping Story with plenty of sophisticated Characters will surely be very disappointed. This Game is purely about the sporting Competition in the Arena. A lush arsenal Of Weapons is dispensed with, as is the now almost obligatory Fleet of vehicles. This is how this Shooter from Nadeo stands out from the Competition. Here the Player with the bigger Wum wins, here the one who is faster and Also knows Fortuna on his Side. Gameplay A Total Of eleven different Game Modes are available. When Starting the Game, however, the Newcomer is encouraged to let off steam in the Basic Modes first. Here the Game Mechanics can be learned the quickest, because the Levels here are quite clear and an "Everyone versus any" fight really shouldn't overwhelm anyone. Later, exciting Team fights Beckon, where, For example, other teams fight in groups of three. The Character is only equipped with a Weapon, Ammunition does not have to be searched for, the Weapon automatically recharges. A second Weapon function is available in special areas, Such as Tunnels. Here you fire a Kind of Grenade but it is more of a large Sphere that explodes after a short Time. This brings the extensive Report of the Weapons Inspector to a close. Distributed on the Cards there are Fiancings and Catapults, which are used to take higher Positions and thus secure the tactical Advantage over other Opponents. The Cyclone was particularly successful. As soon as you activate it in the Middle of the Map, the Playing field continuously shrinks down to a small Area. This Game mode clearly has the Advantage that eternal Camping and Shrouding are quickly prevented and a Round never lasts more than a few Minutes. This is also necessary, namely eliminated Players have to wait – as in "Counterstrike," for example in "Counterstrike"-to wait for the start of a new Round until they can fully intervene again in Combat. Until this happens, they can watch the Contest live across multiple Camera Perspectives. This is the Opportunity for Newcomers in particular To look at one or the other Trick in experienced veterans. Graphics & Sound The Graphics of "ShootMania Storm" are certainly not up to date. Even the Level Design doesn't exactly make Gamer-eyes get damp With Joy. But still, or especially whether of Simplicity, this virtual Show of strength exudes its own Charm. It just depends on the Fun and Playability. You should also get a fluid Gameplay on older Systems. Excessive Depiction of Violence, splatter effects or Blood is completely dispensed with here. The ear is also simply pampered. The Soundscape is rather rudimentary, but still you don't miss anything when Playing. It is precisely through history with statistics, which can be partly broken down to your own City, that the Game experiences its own Motivation. Creating your own Levels is a Bit more complicated than in "TrackMania," but still quite useful Results after the first Attempts. Those who can do without an ultra-realistic Setting will surely find a Shooter here who can motivate for a long Time. "TrackMania" meets "Unreal Tournament" Here.
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