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Strategy & Tactics: Wargame Collection

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Single player scenario-based battles will satisfy those who love huge maps taking several hours to complete as well as quick skirmish lovers.Features:
  • three campaigns for the Axis, the USSR, and the Allies
  • dozens of Skirmish mode maps and 7 historical scenario-based maps
  • lots of maps for Hotseat multiplayer mode
Medieval Wars: Strategy & Tactics You will send the armies of England, France, and Crusader forces in three campaigns, trying to defeat your enemies in the major European wars and battles in the IX-XV centuries. With the scenario-based maps you will take part in battles for the Rus', stop the Saracens under the banners of Charles the Great and spark the Hussite uprising.Features:
  • Three historical campaigns
  • 4 separate historical scenarios
  • Several Skirmish maps
  • Hotseat multiplayer mode
  • 21 types of troops
  • Turn-based battles, economic and military development
WW2: Sandbox. Strategy&Tactics Win the victory in World War II for one of the 28 countries at your choice.

You can keep the political alliances that existed in reality and, for instance, lead the USSR and crush Germany together with the Western allies, or you can disable the alliances and celebrate your victory on the ruins of London.
The generator of random events, such as guerilla movements, landing operations, voluntary recalls, etc., will add to the replaying possibilities of each game, making it your own unique part of history.Features:
  • Map of Europe with over 500 regions
  • 39 countries available for playing
  • infantry, air forces, artillery, armor and navy — it is up to you as to what to bring the enemies to their knees with
  • choose what to spend the resources of the captured areas on: grow your army or further develop science

System requirements for PC

  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Storage: 500 MB available space
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Strategy & Tactics: Wargame Collection reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Really good round strategy for in between or even longer does not expect great animations. It's simple and Simpel kept even in Sandbox mode But that convinces in my Opinion. The CPU as an Opponent has been in the Campaign from time to time to its moments where I thought Okey now gives me but right = D. But just like that I was looking for a Round-based strategy game that I didn't have right after 5 Hours through because the AI is too easy. What I might wish for the Scenarios that the Skillsystem is present there or that during the "War" one has a Kind Of Skilltree (Research and Development), for Example, as it is also present in the Campaign. Hope it gets screwed even further as many of the things continue to follow With them =). Otherwise Conclusion Top: Strategy Game for this Prize (€9.95)
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
It's disappointing. Within the Units there is no Diversity at all. There is everything on Foot as an Infantry. Motorized Infantry (Motorcycles, Jeeps ect.) And just "Tanks." No Fighter Tanks, light Tanks heavy Tanks all don't matter, you have all the Tanks. The more Tanks in the Unit, the higher quality the Tank displayed on the Strategy map. There is 0 Diplomacy. The Research is very Superficial. Provides hardly any Depth, keep any Bonuses for or against this and that. For all Nations but the same Things .. Wow The Conquest System is stupid. Sometimes you drive enemies like ne Sow in front of you, but it can happen that he just stumbles into an area occupied by you when there is no Unit stationed and it is just annoying to clap everywhere something, so that you can clap the whole little one Waste Can get rid of Garbage. Just As with the Planes, there are Bombers and everything else summarized as Hunters. No Slaughter Fliers etc. Bombers are good against Tanks and Hunters against Infantry, so far to the Air Forces. Hunters can fly Patrol and when Bombers come without Escorte are the Mud. In Sandbox mode, "Partisans" sometimes sometimes emerge in occupied territories, and when there is not exactly a Unit, it simply belongs again to the Nation from which the Territory has been snatched in full. If you have just stationed 10 Bombers, they are just scrappy. You can't march through Countries Ally parties as far as I know. At Sea it is the same: Is an Ally in a Body of water, impassable. And wenns is a single Submarine. Besides, Random events such as bad Weather, good Economy, good Times of bad times always contribute to Fluctuations in the Flow of the Game, Coincidence is a * * * * * in a Game and Only causes frustration. €6Can you spend on it, more it's not Worth it. As + you could say it's pretty much the Only one of its Kind, there's Sandbox and Scenario Odes in which you reenacting the Story. But that's almost what it's been.
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