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Thimbleweed Park

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Welcome to Thimbleweed Park. Population: 80 nutcases. A haunted hotel, an abandoned circus, a burnt-out pillow factory, a dead body pixelating under the bridge, toilets that run on vacuum tubes... you’ve never visited a place like this before. Five people with nothing in common have been drawn to this rundown, forgotten town. They don’t know it yet, but they are all deeply connected. And they’re being watched. ...Who is Agent Ray really working for and will she get what they want? ...What does Junior Agent Reyes know about a 20 year old factory fire that he’s not saying? ...Will the ghost, Franklin, get to speak to his daughter again? ...Will Ransome the Beeping Clown ever become a decent human being? ...Will aspiring game developer Delores abandon her dreams and stick by her family? ...And most importantly: how come no one cares about that dead body? By the end of a long, strange night in Thimbleweed Park, all of this will be answered -- and you’ll question everything you thought you knew. In a town like Thimbleweed Park, a dead body is the least of your problems. Key Features: From Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick, creators of Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion. A neo-noir mystery set in 1987. 5 playable characters who can work together… or get on each other’s nerves. Not a walking simulator! Satisfying puzzles intertwined with a twisty-turny story that will stay with you. A vast, bizarre world to explore at your own pace. A joke every 2 minutes... guaranteed! Casual and Hard modes with varied difficulty. English voices with English, German, French, Italian, Russian and Spanish subtitles. Not a guarantee.
Metacritic rating
Release date
Mar 29, 2017
Terrible Toybox
Terrible Toybox, Inc.
Terrible Toybox, Terrible Toybox, Inc.
Age rating
13+ Teen

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  • OS: Windows 10

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Thimbleweed Park reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Maximum Dose Of Nostalgia Thimbleweed Park is a new, formally very classic Adventure from Ron Gilbert, the Maker of Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island 1 & 2. Anyone who loved these classic Games, like so many, can recommend Thimbleweed Park. If you don't know them, there may be Better For them. Be it, let's finally catch up on the Classics. One would like to think that the game publishers would have understood by Now that money can be made With Nostalgia. Or maybe they know, but Gilbert didn't want to make himself dependent on a Publisher. In any Case, this retro project has also emerged with the Funds of thousands of Kickstarter supporters. Out is a Game I would call brave. Pixelig until the Stop and, arguably not seen for two Decades, with a List of Verbs. While a modern Adventure often offers you only two Possibilities for each Item, "Kuck" and "Mach," at Thimbleweed Park, as in the good old Days, you can open and close, take and give, press and drag, look at, use and address. This allows Puzzles and fun Remarks that a modern Adventure can offer poorly. I wasn't sure I would cope with something so Old-fashioned and Unfamiliar. But in the first Few minutes I was not challenged by the Variety of Possibilities, but disappointed that they did not work on the first Occasion. If you want to look at the person you meet in the very first Picture, they are addressed instead. That's not how I imagined my new old Possibilities-and this Gentleman of "Rock, Paper, Shotgun" Certainly didn't. The Problem that you can't look at characters unfortunately runs through the Game. A wasted Opportunity. But otherwise the Possibilities for Interaction Develop well and I quickly got back in. After Playing Through, I'm excited to see if I won't find the next modern Adventure too simple. Speaking of "simple," the Degree of difficulty can be set in two Stages. I took the tougher one, of course, and except for one Spot where I hung out for several Days, the Puzzles were never too difficult. I didn't want to put partout into a Solution at this Point (which are seductively quick to get boiled in these days), in fear that it would prove unnecessary and I would have regretted it for the next 25 Years (until the next Gilbert adventure?). I then Luckily got on it, and yes, I would have bitten myself in the Brush for 25 Years, as Uncle Dagobert so beautifully says. The Story unfolds from a Murder to be solved with two Police officers. Soon more playable Characters join in, usually you can switch between 5 Characters freely. Some Areas or Possibilities are reserved for individual Figures, most Of them can be explored with a freely chosen Figure. Unfortunately, it often makes no Difference, too many Objects they have no different Commentary at all. Not only is the adventure very retro in its Controls and Graphics, it's also very much about the 80s it's set in, and Adventures. A Character is an adventure programmer, you meet Employees at the old Lucasarts adventures "in person" and there are Sideshobations on the then competitor Sierra. The Game is more Fun if you are familiar with it and the Eighties in general, and in two Places such Knowledge is also "queried" in Puzzles. In Places, the Game breaks through the "Fourth Wall" (the imaginary Wall between Actors and Audiences in the Theater that ensures the Characters played don't perceive viewers). At one Point towards the End, however, too brachial for my Taste. The Game features English setting and German Lyrics. Boris Schneider-Johne, who had also translated the author's classic Adventures, is responsible for the Translation. But I preferred to play with Full Music and renounce the German Lyrics. Thimbleweed Park runs easily on Linux. Addendum: There is now an Option for inside jokes. You are not enabled by default!
Translated by
Microsoft from Norsk
This game is simply amazing. In my opinion, the game is perfect, and the details of everything from the thoughtful solutions, to the story, the atmosphere, the graphics and the dialogue sparkle that this game is simply made with true love. And the dispute at the end is just legendary. It's incredibly creative. I have played all the old point and click games, where my favorites are Monkey Island 1 & amp; 2. I never thought there would be a better adventure game, but in my opinion this game is ONLY better. Ron Gilbert has done it again. Fr not recommended Thimbleweed Park enough!
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Have now played one evening and I am zwiespltig. For one, I like the setup well. It is quickly made clear what to do, but not how. The two detectives stand in the swamp with a corpse and the player has to find out what happened and what secrets are hidden in Thimbleweed. That makes you curious and exciting. On the other hand, it may be that as a member of the generation of LucasArts I am too old, the humor is not mine anymore. I just can not find it. I play in English. But the worst thing is the music, because you realize that the game is not a full-price game. After a short time, she is totally annoying, usually does not fit in with the sitter, does not depict the tension, as usual with soundtracks, but simply drags on and repeats itself very fast. Even at the lowest volume it is unbearable. Do not even know if the LucasArts games by Frherr had a soundtrack.
Just a waste of money. Believe me.
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