Games starting with 2

2025: Battle for Fatherland20292029 Online20302030: the Apocalypse2030: Trump's America203320+365 days2036: Uprising2038204020422042 (Bhernandez26)2045 - Henkei no Densetsu2047 The Game20482048.2048+32048 3D2048 3D - Brain Training Game2048 3D (ronjoshi)2048 3x3 4x4 5x5 + Blind2048 [4D]2048 4x4 5x5 6x6 - Classic & Plus2048 5x52048 5x5 Classic Edition2048 A.D.2048 Air Jordan Edition2048 Alphabet Edition2048 Animals2048 - A numbers game2048 Anywhere: TV, Watch and More2048 Arcade The Puzzle Game2048 Army2048 Balls 3D2048 Balls: Merge Magic Bubble2048 Battles2048 Beat2048 - Best Game Ever2048 Bleach Edition2048 Bombs!2048 Bricks Shoot - Android game2048Buster2048 by G702048 by Gabriele Cirulli2048 by Green Panda Games2048 Cats & Dogs ( Kitty & Puppy Fight)2048 Cats Version2048 Celebrity2048 Cesar Roman Empire Puzzle Conquest - Free2048 Charm: Classic & New 2048, Number Puzzle Game2048 Classic2048: Classic and AR2048 Classic · Swipe Game2048 Classic - With The Power of Three and Fibonacci2048 Collection: Fantasy2048 Color Classic2048 Colors2048 connect: 2 & 2 game2048 Cozy: Number Puzzle Game, Classic & 4 modes2048 Cross2048 - Cullen Rutherford Version2048 Cupcake2048 cutest Animal2048 Deusia Story2048 Diagonal Version2048 Doge Version Pro2048 Dogs Edition2048 Dungeons2048 - Easy version2048-Educational_Clone2048 Emoji Evolution - from Amoeba to Abe2048 Emoji Version2048 Fast Speed2048 Fight2048 For Money2048 free colors2048 Friends Pro2048 Game2048 Game Save2048 GRAV2048 Gravity2048 Gums 3D2048,HD version2048 Hexagon Classic Edition2048 High Heels2048 Huge2048 IDLE Heroes2048 in C2048 in Widget! (Tap Games Official)2048 (itch)2048 (itch) (Few Arguments)2048 (itch) (ivan770)2048 (itch) (Neeftarah)2048 (itch) (Rocky)2048 (itch) (trinh.nguyen)2048 (itch) (Vishnyakov Maxim)2048 (itch) (Windburn1)2048 Jelly Style2048 Kingdoms2048 King The Crown - Medieval Puzzle Tiles Free2048Lab2048 League of Legends Edition2048 Mahjong - Get 9 and 1-9!2048 match 32048 Merge Bubbles!2048minos2048 Mix-Up2048 Mobile Merge Logic Game2048(No Ads)2048 Number Logic Games2048 - Number puzzle Doodle Style2048 Number puzzle game2048! Number Puzzle Game2048 Number Saga2048 Number Saga Free2048: Number World Adventure2048 of Noppon2048 Original2048 Panda2048 physics2048 Picnic2048: Pico-8 Edition2048 plus (itch)2048 plus – New Version2048 Pokemons!⚡2048 Pro - A Tiny Puzzle Challenge Game2048 Pro Version2048 Pucks2048 Puzzle2048 Puzzle Board Free - Number Puzzle game (4096 - 5x5) Redefined2048 Puzzle Challenge Bords2048 - puzzle number2048 Puzzle - Number Games2048 Rage Comics Edition2048 Random Bombs - (classic 3x3, 4x4, 5x5 2408)2048 redux2048 REMAKE2048 Rework2048 Roller2048 Save/Load Extended2048 SEAL Team2048 Search & Friends2048 Season2048 (Simple and Classic)2048Snake!2048 Soccer Teams2048 Solar System