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Resident Evil: Village review
by Watashama

Absolutely stunning entry into the series. I love that RE8 is exploring new genres of horror. This game balances pacing with its scares in such a clean way. Also, that ending!!!!
«Blew my mind»

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Really entertaining game, less scary than RE7 but variety as fuck. Great Visuals on PS5 with smooth 60fps. Ethan become a bit more memorable. 

Great game! 
The route Resident Evil is going is in the right direction ever since 7, even though it is not as horror intensive as RE7 they still tied in some great elements of horror while catering towards the fans who enjoy the action combat sequences in the previous RE games. The setting is one of the best in the franchise as well as for the unique designs for all 5 bosses. My only complaint would be some areas just feel better and more complete than others (Benevento and Dimitrescu). This could be looked upon as subjective as the two areas mentioned are heavily influenced by other RE games which accounts for my bias. 

Characters: 9
Gameplay: 8
Story: 8
Music: 8
Personal Bias: 7

Final Score: 8
Fucking goop.
«That ending!»
The best Resident Evil to date with a great story, fantastic combat and exploration.
«Blew my mind»