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by Barton Lynch

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I’ve never played a Metal Gear game before this. So I didn’t know what was going on with the story to begin. I didn’t really know what was going on with the story after beating it either. And you know what? I didn’t fucking care because the gameplay was so so good. There were so many creative ways to accomplish your mission. There were so many guns and gadgets that you could unlock that allowed you to play so many different ways (some of which were ridiculous). The enemies would adapt in creative ways so you also had to adapt. The game looked and felt great. There was always a sense of, “what if I tried this”?

Final Score: A+
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Microsoft from Deutsch
After over 350 Hours I can say it makes fun. It makes fun to build the FOBs, to collect for the Development of the technologies and Weapons. Also, the Technique in the Game is solid. Better Textures, Shadows, Shaders and higher Visibility Than on the PS4 and Xbox One consoles. On my System with 1080p and high To very high details with almost constant 60 FPS (occasionally light drops). After all, my System from 2013 and just above the PS4 is in Performance. Good Performance and graphics (though not a Graphic Reference). What bothers me is that you don't get simpler mods for it. (Spoiler Attention)::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: I am also bothered that I cannot use the self-developed mini Metal Gear in the Game itself. Even a few other Things on the Maps bother me. Would have been Class if there are Side Missions where you have to rescue civilians from the Military or even a Mission where you only have to gather information (as a Side mission). So far, most Side Missions are too similar. Graph 8/10 (stable Performance, barely until no Bugs and 1080p/very high Details at 60 FPS does not require High-end Hardware from 2013. From Nvidia GTX 660 and HD 7870 it runs round) Story 9/10 (solid but not short Of Cutscenes and too little from the typical Metal Gear Solid flair. That's because of Openworld Setting) Gameplay 9/10 (plays well, but I miss few Things that existed in Predecessors like Eating the Emergency of Animals, caring for wounds, Bird ♥ ♥ ♥ e where you can slip at the Race. Just such Details from the Predecessors and also the Level keys to break into Bases I lack. There should have been more Doors on the Enemy's Bases and these would be Unlocked by Level Keycards. I particularly liked that about my Predecessors). Sound 8/10 (Well nix really special have heard better of other Games, but also worse.) Music 9/10 (It's boring from time to time, but in the Cutscenes it's logically better and also the Main Missions make it better.) Scope: 10/10 (So many Weapon types, such large Maps, enough Missions and Things to find, collect, Build up. Whoever builds up their Bases in under 100 Hours and develops everything and does every Mission is good.) Every Side Mission, every Animal captured, every Main Mission was accomplished and every Waffe/technology developed ... Never underestimate what there is in scope. Total 9/10 Points Verdict: Good or even very good Game, which is obviously not finished because of the Dispute with Konami. There are things missing That existed in Ground Zeroes (like turning off the Alarm in Bases) and other Things also point to the Hideo Kojima Having to stop too soon. Even so, the Game has gone well and even though real MGS Fans will be a bit disappointed it's good. You must not hang on it that it is not a pure and typical Metal Gear Solid. If the Game is Objective and without Fan Boyglasses, then you can recognize its strengths.
A masterpiece. After 60+ hours I finally understood why this game is called "The Phantom Pain" Kojima in the end made us feel the same phantom pain which felt characters of this game. You feel the missing content. Its like it is still there, and by leaving konami and his franchise he made sure the pain will be forever with us.
«That ending!»
«OST on repeat»
It just had the beautiful start, the hospital scene, that OST made it just so good. I can’t believe the amount of content squeezed into this beautiful created masterpiece.
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»