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Fallout 4 review
by xXWoodinatorXx

Fallout 4 was quite disappointing for me. The game isn’t horrible. It still has a fun apocalypse vibe to it. But I thought this could be a top tier game and what I end up with is a mid level third tier. The RPG progression in this game isn’t very good. There should be more constant progression. I gave no fucks about the settlement building part of the game. That didn’t captivate me at all. I still liked exploring the wasteland and trying to find new interesting quests and items and places but the quality of the quests, items and places wasn’t as high as I had hoped. I can see why someone would still really like this game but it wasn’t for me.

Final Score: B+

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exceptional if you mod the shit out of it 
I'd rather watch the same episode of Dr Phil on repeat before touching this again. 4/10
«Blew my mind»
Base building sucks, everything else rules.
Plunging into the world of the apocalypse is pleasant as always. The game world is well filled with nice little things and funny characters. If you do not find fault with the shortcomings, you can enjoy it.
This is actually kinda trash. World is pretty uninteresting, laughable focus on loot - most of it LITERAL junk - and most side quests are largely just "go to location and fight shooty guys or 28 Days Later zombies. Later orcs w/guns will be introduced." There's just nothing TO this game. Even the story is just absurd and that's before the lack of dialogue options, meaningful choices, or any semblance of verisimilitude.

It also is nothing like Boston. Like would people seriously remember neighborhood names and that Massachusetts is called a "Commonwealth" but forget what Fenway Park of all places is called? Doesn't meet the standards set by New Vegas for story or reactivity, doesn't meet the standards even Skyrim and Fallout 3 set for sense of place and worldbuilding. Just bad.
«Waste of time»
To be honest, I was not impressed. I don't understand what all the fuss is about. The game is okay to play once =(
«Oh God i managed it»
Very interesting, dynamic, fun to play game with deep message against war.
Man! Where do we start on this one. This game is lengthy, very lengthy. In order to come to a point to sense of accomplishment, you play 100+ hours. The game starts in a near-doom-era and takes you to a safe vault right when a nuclear war starts. You wake up alone with your family lost and search for your boy. In your quest, you get to meet a variety of factions, The Minutemen, Mutants, Synthetic humans, Raiders, The Railroad, The Institute, Ghouls, Gunners, Children of Atom, ... the list goes on. You have to carefully choose your side among the 4 major groups, because in the end you can ally with only one and the rest will have to be destroyed. The game is dark and foggy (understandably), the choice of weapons is strange and initially the resources (even bullets) are scarce. Your character gets upgraded on each level-up (I reached to level 62), but you can NEVER fully upgrade your character with all skills available. AI of this game is superb, you also have companions - dog, robot, human, mutant, ghoul, whatever you like. There are 3 different cities you get missions in, major one being Common wealth. Missions are always available, there's no limit on how many you can get. Even bartenders have a few for you. So, practically you can never "complete" the game, and you don't have to. You can finish the main story and be satisfied. There's a moral lesson in this game. Each decision you make results in consequences, which you'll have to live with. A true reflection of the real lives of people in power. It is not easy to make it a happy ending for everyone. PS: A ton of violence, gore and coarse language. Not at all suitable for minors.
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
Buggy, but fun. Lacking a lot of choice, and could get boring after playing for a while.
«Buggy as hell»
it may has it issues , but still very enjoyable
«Can’t stop playing»