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STRAFE review
by formaterror

Finished my first playthrough of strafe gold edition, I originally played the twitch version that was given for free. When the gold addition came out for steam I picked it up at launch for like 3 bucks. I thought I should complete it this time and I'm happy I did. this game is a lot of fun and its movement is TIGHT. While the movement in this game is great the shooting (at least with the 4 starter weapons) is not as TIGHT, the game offers a ton of weapons but most of them only come as level pickup Making the more enjoyable guns have the typical RPG problem where I was saving the super special gun for the final boss, and only used like 2 out of my 20 guns. The enemies become a little bit tedious and the later ones seem to be almost like bullet sponges, but they did add more in the gold edition than the original version which is appreciated. The game has a lot of replayability although honestly, I have like a million games I want to get to and I can't say I will be exploring all of it, BUT IF I DO I'll make sure to update this review with more of my feelings. If this game gets a sequel I'd like to see a linear storyline type game like half-life 1, I love the world and it's a sense of humor, something like that would be got material. there are a lot of secrets and a new game plus mode that definitely make this game worth 3 dollars, but at an un-discounted 15 dollars that may be too much, maximum amount is like 5 dollars personally. this is a gg
«Can’t stop playing»
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»

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Translated by
Microsoft from French
A game that has cut me, go play a doom 1 Doom 2 brutal doom even doom 4, but not has this games it can get you feeling because the hooked are good, but it is so hard and innegal that it will push you back by pulling measured on enemy waves s boring and inninteresting. All this in monotonous corridors with entraped halls (yeaaaahhh......) This is not an action game it's a rogue like and not one of the most inventive. If the procedural generation is not bad in itself or poorly realized we quickly tend to get lost in this "pleasant" porridge of pixels, the mini map very badly felt will be no help. As the rest of the unreadable interface is very poorly explained and exploited, I still have not learned to use the stack of foods that I stack below my life bar... Which are also little distributed as the shields that are at a price stupidly expensive in a game or the bourinerie and the resistance will have to be conditions for survival providing fun, but it is nothing the game encourages you not to run , sniper, and camping like a pig. I was talking about entrancerooms but the lack of sound design, finally the lack of its all short will quickly make you crazy so much the stupidest enemies arrive in an unpredictable and unexpected way to remove you 50% of your shield of a sudden both the gamefeel is not accompanied by the sound. Cap rifle/20 and this is not the private joke of the ultimate weapon teaser that will catch up with the atmosphere poverty that fills this game. From the technical point of view of the good big problems of Hitbox, the clipping of perfectly disgusting texture, the game bored ugly (even if it is subjective) is allowed to rowing eh! on my Titan... so Opti a pee, and am I the only one to find that the currency of a game is this shiny thing easily identifiable and recognizable that falls from a monster, Bah here it is old grey and dull States that justifies their appearances only with the nickname "universe joke" explained by the tutorial making them difficult to spot and as wanted: enervants... In the end it is an umpteenth rogue like better now packed and that could be cool, except that not too many problems contradictions in the title not a good FPS oldschool by what a rogue like, not a good rogue like because old school FPS... Full of promises not kept immediate repayment. You want a rogue like that moves well, go even to risk of rain, you want a FPS a technical can go see doom you want to strafer go see Quake but do not buy strafe. Up: with the distance I think it is the advertising campaign that lead them to play on the "retro style" we expect from the retro and thus the major genre of the time concerned the shooter, and not the rogue like of the shot much (of which I) will be launched there with the wrong idea in t but it's a marketing mistake I think, it would have had to insist more on the side rogue like rather than the "randomly generated old fashion shooter" because it sells not at all the same thing...