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All Mobile GOTYs of 2018

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We are making the extensive list of all mobile games in 2018 that deserve to be the GOTY in YOUR opinion. Submit games by clicking “Recommend a game” below. We will add any game to this list but here are some rules.

1. One game from one rawger.
2. Only games originally released in 2018 are accepted.
3. Only mobile games are accepted. Think Bad North, Dragon Ball Legends, Alto's Odyssey, etc.

And remember that any game can be a GOTY for you. ♥
Winnie has added a game
Dec 14, 2018
pathBarin has added a game
Dec 13, 2018
Armello was so good that mobile ports were inevitable. This year, it finally, finally came out on Android with iOS launched not long before that. It's a perfect multiplatform game. it's vivid and colorful with cute characters, and it's turn-based, which means it can be played on the go. 
Armello in All Mobile GOTYs of 2018 - 1
Alexey Gornostaev has added a game
Dec 13, 2018
We are not huge fans of marketing taglines for games, but Grapefrukt was 100% honest when they called their new game “a delightful spectacle of bouncing.” It is! Atari definitely must be proud that Breakout's gameplay concept is alive and kicking 40 years later, even if all is upside down now.
Sinkler has added a game
Dec 11, 2018
An incredibly stylish mobile game with the design awarded by Apple, and those guys know a thing about design, Alto's Odyssey is a true successor to the mobile gaming classic Alto's Adventure. Play as a snowboarder and watch magnificent landscapes in this mobile game of the year.
Alto's Odyssey in All Mobile GOTYs of 2018 - 1
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