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American McGee's Alice

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Shortly after Alice returned from the miraculous trip through the Looking-Glass, her house was burnt down, and her parents died in the fire. Alice was the only survivor of the terrible accident. After repeated attempts at suicide, she gets locked up inside a mental institution and is slowly wasting away there before she is summoned to Wonderland again by the White Rabbit. But this time it's a Wonderland gone seriously bad and gory. The only chance for Alice to restore her peace of mind and find out more about the death of her parents is to fight through Wonderland and free it from the evil powers.

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Rogue Entertainment
Electronic Arts
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Not rated
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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American McGee's Alice reviews and comments

It’s not a game, it’s a piece of art. Dark, quirky, frightening art full of music and innovative visual solutions.

There’s also a good variety of weapons with some unique pieces. For one, there’s a jumping jack that bounces and hits enemies rapidly. I love the jack in the box that you can use like grenade or something like a trap.

The gameplay is plain ‘run and gun’, but the level design, effects and bosses with weaknesses to find make it quite compelling.

I was very disappointed with the ending. Such effort and time, all for CG video that explains nothing and even looks dull. It’s either programmers were rushing to release the game, so they came up with the ending in 30 minutes, or I just don’t get it - which is what often happens with every work of art.
«Liked before it became a hit»
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