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Assassin's Creed Origins

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Assassin's Creed Origins is an open-world action game developed by Ubisoft. It further continues the series after Assassin's Creed Syndicate.

The story is set in two time periods simultaneously. In 2017, the order of Templars has recovered an ancient artifact that will allow them to seize control over humanity. Assassins plan to get the artifact back in their hands. Layla Hassan relieves the memories of two ancient Egyptians named Bayek and Aya who create the Assassins order.

Levels are open-ended which allows both stealth or open combat approaches. Players are put in an open world in which they can complete quests in order to either progress through the story, level their character up or upgrade their equipment. The "eagle vision" mode was replaced by an eagle by the name of Senu. Players can use Senu to scout the area ahead and highlight enemies.

The game features a heavily revised combat system that relies on hit-box mechanics rather than pre-determined animations as it did in the previous titles. Origins focuses on introducing various types of enemies that the players will have to learn about in order to defeat them.

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Last Modified: May 23, 2019
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Assassin's Creed Origins - Parte 1
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Assassin's Creed-what have I gone through with you? Holy Disc Master ... Even before Part 1 appeared, I was already Fire and Flame after the Trailers. Thief went to sleep of his Time, Splinter Cell deteriorated with "Double Agent" of his time in my Opinion And somehow had to get back a 3rd Person Stealth Game-AC with his smooth Movements, the sheer boundless climbing, the FreeFlow motion mode and at all: NEXTGEN, Oida! ... Until then the total Disillusionment spread wide, because the redundancy factor in Mission design Was so abnormally high that I lost patience again and again in the Series (Part 2 brought a breath of Fresh Air-the two addon parts afterwards, however, stretched the Innovation Waiting Time Again-Part 3 was really class, where part 4 again exhausted the new Feature of the Predecessor = Cruises to the point of Reflection and The Series with Unity and Syndicate here and there tried something, but the series to Annual update ideas experiment was and we Customers the Test Users). The Ubisoft formula dug its Roots deeper and deeper into the Triple-A Brands of Ubisoft, proving that Even Far Cry became more and more of a shadow of itself (Part 5, in my View, has been the weakest, if thematically promising). And then Came Origins ... High-class graphics, unused Egypt Scenario, large skilltree, Diablo-like Locome-gathering factor, Tons of main and Side Quests, where both mostly excel with individual Content (a few small Sidequests as well as a few unique Bosses in the I really liked the main Campaign!) And a gigantic Map with many unique Places comes up where collectible stuff can not only be quickly Bagged (press button = finished immediately), but also the Comfort of Finding is extremely laudable by Sonar Wave. Although the Story weakens again and again, becomes lengthy and wise, the well-fitting love Affair goes to me on the Pointer, Bayek himself remains characterless and uninteresting and both the sometimes far too huge World unfortunately waits with a little too generic Work "Escort!," "Kill!" Or "Save!" Missions, all of which are off the Mark. Here and there as in The Witcher become investigative, ok-the Step to the big CD project Competitor is done, but still a long way from it. In principle, the Class and Excitement of Witcher-Cutscenes as well as the Charm of the acting Figures is never reached in a way. Still, the Game didn't let me go AND I had to uncover EVERYTHING in The Main Game and in the DLCs in places, FULFILL every Sidequest and mesh myself through Tons of Enemies-AC Origins has truly saved the Series, but is still a long time long ago with its own Learning Curve Not in the End. Odyssey is already out-far too fast in my Opinion and not viiiiel Better either, according to GameTwo's report. We'll see. My Report will follow-and definitely put that In Perspective. Now Turn Far Cry around and expand AC and slowly but surely the dusty Brands will again be as big as they originally had:)
Probably the best game in the series after AC 2.
«Can’t stop playing»
Well, I was on the wrong Ubisoft game bandwagon. Far Cry 5 was a horrible disappointment that I was eagerly waiting for midnight to play the nanosecond it was available. This, I slept on for 6 months, picked up on sale, and then couldn't put down until I finished every single achievement, including those in the DLC. Best AC game in a long time, and people really should check out the tours.
«Can’t stop playing»
«That Ending!»
I’ve never been much of an Assassin’s Creed fan, but I couldn’t resist giving this game a shot after reading so many good reviews. Man was I blown away. Everything about this game is incredible. From the combat, to the storyline, to the graphics, they nailed it. If you’re a casual gamer like myself, there is enough content in this game to keep you busy for a couple of months. Overall, a spectacular game.
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
I wasn't expecting much from the latest addition to the AC franchise, but this game honestly blew me away. I play it every single day, and even when I'm not playing it I'm consuming various types of content about it. The world is ridiculously detailed, the combat isn't overly difficult nor overly boring, the narrative is more thorough than previous AC games and the graphics are out of this world. This is hands-down the best Assassin's Creed since the Altair and Ezio days.
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
«Sit Back and Relax»
Игра, конечно, во многом откровенно идиотская, поэтому советую как можно скорее перестать воспринимать ее всерьез и получать удовольствие от возведенной в абсолют Ubisoft гриндилки с вышками, охотой и прочими "сейчас пройду вон ту крепость и спать", и тогда это будут вполне себе увлекательные 60-70 часов, наполненные приключениями в симпатичных декорациях античного мира (а игра скорее про него, чем про Египет). По-сути, все, что мы делаем, это бегаем от одного маркера к другому и вырезаем толпы солдат, а в перерывах смотрим кино про то, как муж с женой психанули и решили вырезать всех тиранов в мире, от мэра деревни в пустыне до Цезаря (а все это сон бабы, которая лежит в пещере с мумией). Однако, парадоксальным образом, формула работает и лично в моем случае Origins перетянула одеяло игрового времени сначала с Wolfenstein 2, а потом с Kingdom Come, что весьма показательно. Одним словом, ассасин вполне себе приятно удивляет, разработчики молодцы, честь и хвала.
«Just one more turn»
«Can’t stop playing»
«Sit Back and Relax»
Новая боёвка, новая система прокачки, огромное количества лута, просто гигантский открытый мир (графон нормальный, но текстурки размазаны, что в целом сильно портит красоту) - поработали над этой частью здорово, ощущается как новая игра. Взяли некоторые элементы из Ведьмака, что очень пошло на пользу. Для меня главная беда, из-за которой решил не заканчивать игру, осталось ощущение после 25-30 часов, что я уже всё видел по несколько раз. Сначала круто зачищать вообще все вопросики, очень интересно делать сайды и исследовать мир, далее паттерны повторяются, потом ещё раз повторяются, боёвка перестаёт быть интересной уже часов через 10-15, а заниматься бесконечно одним и тем же уже неинтересно. Придуманная тут система прокачки не даёт быстренько пробежаться и пройти только сюжет, но в целом игра хороша и первые 25 часов был чистейший восторг, желаю Ubi двигаться в том же направлении!