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Battlefield: Bad Company

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Battlefield Bad Company is unique in the series "Battlefield" in that it features a full single-player campaign with characters. The previous titles were mostly focused on multiplayer with large numbers of players.

The game is retaining the vehicular and large-scale warfare but emphasizes squad-based combat.

The First Russo-American War and the private campaign of Bad Company

Serdaristan, a small Caucasian country, became a place for a big war between Russia and the United States. First in Serdaristan, then in the Middle East, in the town of Sadiz on the coast of the Caspian Sea, the 222th Battalion, also known as the "Bad Company", puts itself under bullets. The name "Bad Company" is not accidental - the detachment consists of people who are best able to deliver problems.

One of the columns of the Bad Company was destroyed when it was sent to the battlefield. In investigating this case, the Bad Company's soldiers find out that they are not opposed by the Russian army, but mercenaries to whom Russia pays gold. Since then, the Bad Company has been fighting not only for the victory and glory of its country, but also for the sake of gold, which can be obtained in the pockets of defeated opponents.

The Newby and the Team

Preston Marlowe is the main protagonist of the game. He just came to the Bad Company - just before the Bad Company found a new goal for itself - gold.

Sergeant Samuel D. Redford is the commander of the Bad Company and the only one who came there as a volunteer. He just likes to fight.

George Gordon Haggard, Jr. - has an explosive nature. And he knows everything about explosives.
Terrence Sweetwater - smart ass.


The player acts with one main weapon and another, used in the second turn. In addition to this, there are grenades, a knife and portable explosive devices. The player always has information about the number of remaining ammunition. If vehicles are not completely destroyed, they can be repaired any number of times.

Military vehicles in the game are sufficient: infantry fighting vehicles, armored cars, tanks, attack helicopters, patrol boats, mobile anti-aircraft weapon system.

For the first time in the Battlefield games line, the Frostbite game engine is used - 90% of the environment can be destroyed. Destruction is subject to almost everything: trees, grass and bushes, vehicles, other players and even the ground itself. Lighting is adjusted for changes caused by destruction.

More and more

Gold Edition
The main feature of this edition is that it immediately makes available those types of weapons that are usually unlocked after reaching level 25.

Find All Five
This addition allows you to unlock five types of weapons that are not available in the main game - the F2000 machine, the USAS-12 automatic shotgun, the M60 machine gun, the QBU-88 sniper rifle and the Uzi submachine gun with the silencer. For this purpose, special codes are given on the official website of the game.

Community Choice Map Pack
This is a set of four new maps for the "Conquest" mode.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2
A direct sequel.

Release date
Electronic Arts
Electronic Arts Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment
Electronic Arts
Age rating
13+ Teen
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