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Left Alive is a spin-off installment of Front Mission franchise. Its events are set between Front Mission 5 and Front Mission Evolved.


The game is set in the year 2127 on Christmas Eve in a fictional East European country called Ruthenia. The plot concerns an invasion of the city of Novo Slava by the Garmonia Republic army (all of them are also fictional), an event that is known as “One Day Incident”. The plot is non-linear and is divided into stages corresponding to the stories of certain characters.


The game follows three playable characters of Slavic origin, who are left isolated in Novo Slava: Mikhail Alexandrovich Shuvalov, Olga Sergeyevna Kalinina, and Leonid Fedorovich Osterman. They have separate plotlines and methods of progression, but all of them share one goal: to survive in the fierce street battles. The game switches the player between protagonists throughout the story.


The game combines survival action with mecha simulation. Left Alive features wanzers, the Front Mission's trademark walking battle robots. They are delivered to battle using helicopters. The player does not only fight against the wanzers, but the game also allows him or her to steal and pilot one. Left Alive also includes weapon customization and crafting options.

Release date
Square Enix
Square Enix
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

Minimum:OS: tbc
Recommended:OS: tbc
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      LEFT ALIVE reviews and comments

      Translated by
      Microsoft from Deutsch
      Okay, let's make it short and scary. Although I played it for just under 2 Hours to have it reimbursed via Steam, I refer only to the Prologue and the minutes that followed. The Story seemed to me to the Point where I stopped being relatively interesting, no Masterpieces but also not so bad that you couldn't play it ... The worse And much more important part than a half-baked Story is the Technical Implementation of the Title. ----------------------------------------------LEFT ALIVE advertises with the big Names and was also announced beforehand "as the Legacy of Metal Gear," not by the Developer himself, but by the trade Press ... Well, apart from the Character Design, there really isn't much that is at the Scale of a bsp. Metal Gear Would range. Don't get wrong I didn't expect an MGS at this Point and I digress ... The Control (at GamePad) is a complete disaster and not world-shattering with Mouse & Keyboard. The Missing 21:9 support is certainly as bad as a Constant 30 fps lock. Graphically, the Game is lower at best for a 2019 title. Otherwise, as always: Unmotivated Snycro and only partially existing Setting, on a loveless Decision-making system. Clearly no Buy recommendation.
      Translated by
      Microsoft from Deutsch
      Okay I can't understand all these Reviews. I haven't run into a single Fps drop so far with my I5 7700 and a Gtx 1080. Yes. The movement and shooting does feel a bit weird at first. Give it an hour or rather said the first chapter, rebind some configs.. And voila. You can deal with it. Last Alive isn't a new graphic wonder and that's totally fine. Enviroment still looks nice. Come on when I was young we only had pixel graphics! Gameplay: Okay. You see an enemy. You want to disatract him using a bottle. That works. What however doesn't work and probably is a bug are EMP's. They don't disable drones at all. What they do is alert the drones and make them shoot wild for 2 seconds, afterwards they scout for you. Great. Exactly what you wanted them to do... (Stuck on a specific point for half an hour because I want to make it stealthy and I'm playing on the hardest difficulty. People are flaming enemys are to fast in spotting you. Have you ever played Sniper Elite 4? They'll see you in a second if you show yourself. (Unless you play on very easy.. Which you can do here aswell). Inventory management: Gotta decide if you really need XY while doing side missions and maybe get back for Item X before you finish the main mission in the chapter. Otherwise it won't be lostforever but it will be lost on this character. This game combines Detroit becomes Human (Decision making, swapping between Characters), Splinter Cell and any Survival game with a crafting component. Contra: - Get staggerd by bullets alot (Reality tho, you are no superhero!) - Dialog options not exactly showing what your character is going to do (RIP!...) - Drones !!! - Not worth 60€. Positives: Solid FPS rate (Atleast for me) Fast Loading screens (required when you die several times) Authentic Enemys (let's forget they do forget about you when you manage to hide long enough Adapting Enemy Area AI (Causing trouble in a region makes enemys spot you even more easier. And the other way around) Mechs. We always need Mechs. Wait for a sale. It seems to be a really solid game for 20, 30 € / $. And mayhaps wait for opimisations if the Reviews claiming stutters and crashes are to be believed. Like I said, had none.
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