30+ Most Anticipated Games of 2018

Created Jan 3, 2018 by Serge Ulankin
The new year has started already and we have a heap of (hopefully) great games ahead. I did some research andcompiled over 30 games that will hit the market during 2018. Here's every game worth looking forward to.

If I missed something, just suggest a game below and I'll add it to the list! Since it is just the beginning of the year, it's clear I didn't include some games that are yet to be revealed and some games may be delayed, but at least this is a good start.
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Five years have passed in the post-apocalyptic zombie-inhabited world, and we get to play Ellie who was a sidekick in the original. The title is one of the most anticipated this year, so it's definitely a must-play of 2018. 
A new creation of the man behind Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, this co-op game chellenges you to break your way out of prison. It’s set in the early 1970's and there's a various gameplay including driving, shooting, stealth-crawling and open-fighting. It’s out in March.
The Crew 2 screenshot
Ubisoft is bringning a sequel to its 2014 open-world auto-racing game. This time it's not only about cars, but pretty much anything that can move at high speed, from boats to airplanes to bikes. 
On of the first big games this year, Dragon Ball arrives on January 26. Naturally, it's a fighting game based on the characters from the anime series with vivid art style and long fingers-tangling combos.
The Japanese watercolory RPG series will get its new part. A war reminiscent of the early 20th as a setting, different calsses of soldier, and the turn-based strategy as a gameplay.
A turn-based stratagy game by the original BattleTech's creator Jordan Weisman. Since the early 1980's Jordan has been producing games that let you create giant fighting robots, so this new game shouldn't be much different. The game attracted close to $3 million on Kickstarter, there are already some gameplay videos, which means the game arrives really soon.
The third installment is the hack-n-slash series, this time you can play Fury, a whip-wielding member of the Four Horsemen. You explore a colorful expansive post-apocalyptic world killing everybody along the way.  
The creators of LittleBigPlanet take you to another journey in a colorful world. A tiny imp travels in magical landscapes and solves puzzle. It lets you create your own game worlds and share them, which is probably the main thing about the game.
The renewed BioWare team is getting ready a co-op The-Division-esque online action set in an extraterrestrial forrest. There's an open world, jet packs, and a rich upgrading system for exosuits and weapons. The game arrives this fall, so get ready for yet another squad-fights platform.
The game has been delayed routinely since 2016 when it was originally scheduled to arrive. But hey, now we have another trailer, and now it seems we have little time to wait before we can destroy skyscrapers to the complete mayhem.
Enter Detroit of the future where humans and androids struggle to co-exist. The game promises to entertain you with the story that changes with your in-game choices, you may wait for hard personal fates and complex dilemmas. 
Nothing surprising here, it's just another part in Ubisoft’s series. This time you'll visit rural Montana where you'' confront a demagogue leader with a bunch of weapons, gadgets, and vehicles. Out on March 27.