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Master Levels for Doom II

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Master Levels for Doom II is an expansion pack for an action FPS Doom II. Since it is a map pack, many developers were involved with ID Software releasing the maps to the public.

The expansion pack features 21 maps (the 21st one is a secret map) with some of the maps offering their own story.

Story maps

There is a secret science building on Titan, which contains a mighty alien weapon. Get in, kill the guards, solve puzzles, get out.

Once upon a time, you were the biggest and the angriest cyberdemon in existence. You were the head of the council that ruled Hell, at least you were before you were betrayed. Go out there and get revenge.

After all the trouble you've gone through at the UAC facility, you've lost track of your girlfriend Beatrice. It's no mystery how you got separated with all the demons running around. Go back to Hell and get her out.


This expansion pack brought no changes to Doom II's gameplay. Every aspect of the game stayed largely the same.

The main objective of Doom 2 is to find an exit off the level to continue to the next one, killing any demon you find on your way. Many weapons are at your disposal, such as a shotgun, a double-barrelled super-shotgun, and last, but not least, the iconic chainsaw.

There is no health regen in the game. Instead, the players have to look for medkits on the level they are in at the moment.

Release date
id Software
Bethesda Softworks, id Software
Age rating
Not rated
Parent game

System requirements for PC

Minimum: A 100% Windows XP/Vista-compatible computer system
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        Master Levels for Doom II reviews and comments

        Translated by
        Microsoft from Russian
        If you compare with Doom, Doom 2, Doom TNT, Doom Plutonia-This part, has increased complexity of passing levels of the maze, because of what places, I thought that the game was bent and some door, just buggy and does not open. I Advise you to pass to those who love hardcore mazes.
        Translated by
        Microsoft from Russian
        Master Levels for Doom 2 is 20 unrelated levels (and another secret). Id Software took and merged the best author's maps, and released them officially. By name it is clear that the cards themselves are characterized by a higher level of complexity, but from that pass them even more interesting. So playing them makes sense if you are a longtime fan of Doom or have gone through the original pieces. All In all enjoyed it.
        Translated by
        Microsoft from Russian
        Game Features:-title: "Doom [2]: Master Levels"; -issue: 1995.12.26; -Addition to "Doom [2]: Hell on Earth" (1994); -Razrabchik: different; -Graphics: "2.5 D" (semi-three-dimensional); -Engine: "ID Tech [1]"; -Genre: Shooter (from 1st person). Gameplay Features:-style: Oldschool; -No plot; -saving at any time; -The world: the Corridor-arted; -some levels are secret; -Health is not regenerated; -Protection not regenerated; -There is no limit on the portable weapon; -The character is not able to squat and jump; -The boss is killed by finding his vulnerability; -Traps: lava; Acid -Interactive Environment objects: Buttons, switches for activating locked doors and various mechanisms; Exploding barrels to inflict damage; -Bonuses: First aid kits, potions for health replenishment; Helmets to replenish protection; Patrons Backpack to increase the maximum number of cartridges to be transported; Suit for walking on acid; Invulnerability Invisibility Keys, cards for activation of locked doors; Secrets. Disadvantages:-Russian language is absent; -Free mouse browsing is not supported. IMHO: No innovation in the graphics or gameplay, no new enemies, no new weapons; Only that the game is like a complement to the 2nd part, not a new part, keeps me from decreasing the evaluation (from additions I do not demand innovation and do not estimate the level of development of such shooters relative to their year); Levels in the collection are different in design and complexity (not only by the number of enemies and the percentage of strong in the total number, but also by the lock of keys and buttons locked doors); It is desirable that the levels be decorated in episodes or at least in sequence, especially, there is even a level with the icon of sin, and it could be put last. Rating: 5/5 http://steamcommunity.com/groups/vladalekap
        read more