Mega Man (1987)

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Mega Man, known as Rockman (ロックマン, Rokkuman) in Japan, is a 1987 action-platform video game developed and published by Capcom for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). It was directed by Akira Kitamura, with Nobuyuki Matsushima as lead programmer, and is the first game of the Mega Man franchise and the original video game series. Mega Man was produced by a small team specifically for the home console market, a first for Capcom, who previously focused on arcade titles.

The game begins the struggle of the humanoid robot and player-character Mega Man against the mad scientist Dr. Wily and the six Robot Masters under his control. Mega Man's nonlinear gameplay lets the player choose the order in which to complete its initial six stages. Each culminates in a "Robot Master" boss battle that awards the player-character a unique weapon.

Critics praised Mega Man for its overall design, though the game was not a commercial success. Mega Man established many of the gameplay, story, and graphical conventions that define the ensuing sequels, subseries, and spin-offs. The game has since been included in game compilations and rereleased on mobile phones, console emulation services. It received a full 3D remake titled Mega Man Powered Up in 2006.

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Mega Man (1987) reviews and comments

Pretty difficult. Mega Man is, like, Mega unforgiving, Man.
Sometimes feels unfair or designed just to be unfun, but mostly the core Mega Man concept is there. You shoot, jump and pick powerups from bosses.
The bosses designs are simple as they're all just.. like... Man, but in different costumes. The enemies are pretty unique though. I didn't feel accomplished or anything when I killed the bosses. 
The cool thing is, even if you "Game Over" you still keep the bosses weapons, so you've got that going for you!
Can someone explain how Mega Man suit works? Why does he have his underwear above his pants?

Overall, rating out of 100:
Story: 0
They don't tell you anything.

Gameplay: 30
Pew pew pew.

Graphics: 10
The graphics aren't really anything special, considering other releases of the same time.

Sound/Music: 30

This leaves Mega Man with a Mega 70 out of 400! Just wait till you get to Super Blaster Mega Man XVLII
7/10 - My fingers hurt.
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
Is a fun game but in order to beat it you need to gain some really good reflexes and pass through some bullshit stuff, overall is entertaining and it has a very hard but cool boss (Yellow Devil). I think it holds well to this day.
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
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