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Planet Alcatraz

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Planet Alcatraz is a 3D role playing game with isometric projection. The player travels through the game world and fights against enemies in the real-time mode. In a general sense Planet Alcatraz can be portrayed as a non-linear adventure with lots of shooting. Several genres are mixed in this game but despite that fact it isn't stuck between them and appears to be a classical RPG that is based on a specially developed system.

The action takes place on prison planet Alcatraz. Its inhabitants are inveterate criminals that were banished there for the life term for their terrible crimes. The main objective of the game is to control a sabotage group that consists of the only one person in the beginning and enlarges through the game. The player has to use all sorts of resources and means to accomplish the mission.Key features:
  • Absolutely unique universe
  • Creation of the main character allows changing basic characteristics and appearance including facial animation based on LifeMode technology
  • Tense atmosphere determined by deep immersion to planet's criminal world
  • Comprehensive dialogue system allowing the player to choose the way of behaving and communication on his own
  • More than 100 kinds of cold steel and firearms
  • More than 200 characters involved in dialogues
  • More than 80 original monsters, including flying and poisonous
  • Fights and adventures with different behavioral and battle options
  • Original sounds and music
Release date
1C Company
1C Company
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows® XP/Vista/7/8
  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV 3 GHz or AMD Athlon 1,4GHz+
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: nVIDIA GeForce 6600/ATI Radeon X800, 128 MB
  • Storage: 5 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX 9-compatible sound card
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Planet Alcatraz reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
See where I start. It Is a game with a mediocre technical quality, a few ugly bugs and a simple story. The mechanics are fallout type. At first it is difficult To catch the trick, I had to start again several times, sharpen the scores, etc. You are Going to use the knife and sword a lot at first, to save bullets, shot to the head and the imperial weapons are the cane but arrive at the end of the game. I recommend it because within its simplicity is fun... I have adopted Tactica John Wayne... Little stealth and a lot of shooting and it hasn't gone very bad. I Recommend putting a normal Intelligence or high, as it conditions the Skills points. Eye, do not end in 100, and I think that in 200, but with a hundred and pico you start to go well. It can be done a little bit long, and it is pulling to linear in some moments, but it has some curious secondary missions. I recommend this game, but the first hours you'll be frustrated watching as you die for nonsense and the truth is that the motion control leaves a lot to be desired.
Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
When I accidentally saw a familiar poster in the pop-up window of the Stima, I was covered with interesting feelings. Usually This is characterized by the phrase "I'm JUST an OX * l", but I'm a cultured man. Interesting feelings, enough. "What kind of game is this?"-asks inadvertently came here. Now I'll tell you, sit down. The Game is quite an interesting cocktail of action and RPG. So It seems to have been written on the drive when I bought it in the distant 2007. Action here, I'll tell you right away. There's no Boyka. First get on the enemies of the hand-weapons-something else test. You take this, for example, a knife. You See the crowd of enemies, and you already know what now tough slaughter will be. How much blood will be. In fact-10 minutes waving a knife in the face of the enemy (he, most often, does the same thing) and DO not get a DAMN! Anger, aggression, In F () PU THIS GAME!!! But! Here to help comes a very developed system RPG. The Dialogues here are interesting, fun and often make you laugh. "The Plot is not here"-the comrade Goblin chanting at launch. And here he seems not to deceive. There are many ways to deploy most conversations. Their Consequences are sometimes surprising. Honestly. The Graphics here are impetuous, which, as I may have noticed, is written by most critics here. Yes, that's what it is. But Guys, 2006, what you wanted. Especially, it's not about her at all. You'Ll understand. "But you didn't say anything about plot!"-the reader will be surprised. Fine, I forgot. I will Write the story very briefly, and it is not interesting to play. The Narration is conducted on the face of the Spaceman, who pretends to be a bad guy and tries to rub into the trust of the same, to prevent them from escaping. More details will tell you the same Goblin in the initial screensaver. That's probably all. The Game at one time gave me a lot of fun, and I'm sure will give it now. To the speedy meetings! "Planet Alkatraz", Pff... Only "Dungeon Attendants", only hardcore!
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