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Waking Mars

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Best for mobile

The game is an adventure-platformer, where the player takes control over the main character, traveling through the Martian caves. You will have to manage the thrust of the jetpack that the protagonist has. The game was released on the PC in 2012. Before this, it was repeatedly recognized as the best game for mobile devices.

Key features

The game is set in the future. In 2097, humanity finds life on Mars and sends researchers to make the first contact. But something goes wrong, and one member of the expedition is imprisoned in underground caves, one on one with turbulent alien flora and fauna. The player must learn the features of the underground Martian inhabitants in order to escape unscathed to the surface and learn the secrets of the Martian past. The developers claim that the cave network is open for exploration, in which it is possible to find long-lost ruins and mysterious ciphered signals. The game also has a mechanic for growing alien organisms in order to feed them to others and thus move along the underground labyrinths. The game has almost no aggression: for example, the main character can not shoot and to solve puzzles, you need to use the physical engine model. The game supports both classic inputs for a mouse and keyboard or a gamepad.

Release date
Tiger Style
Tiger Style Games
Tiger Style Games, Tiger Style
Age rating
10+ Everyone 10+

System requirements for Linux

System requirements for macOS


  • OS:MacOS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or higher
  • Processor:Intel Core 2 Duo
  • Memory:512 MB RAM
  • Graphics:OpenGL 3.0, or OpenGL 2.1 with framebuffer extensions
  • Hard Drive:400 MB HD space

System requirements for PC


  • OS:Windows XP
  • Processor:x86-compatible, 2-Ghz or faster
  • Memory:512 MB RAM
  • Graphics:OpenGL 3.0, or OpenGL 2.1 with framebuffer extensions
  • Hard Drive:400 MB HD space

System requirements for Android

2.2 and up

System requirements for iOS

iPad 2 Wifi, iPad 2 3G, iPhone 4S, iPad Third Gen, iPad Third Gen 4G, iPhone 5, iPod Touch Fifth Gen, iPad Fourth Gen, iPad Fourth Gen 4G, iPad Mini, iPad Mini 4G, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPad Air, iPad Air Cellular, iPad Mini Retina, iPad Mini Retina Cellular, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air 2, iPad Air 2 Cellular, iPad Mini 3, iPad Mini 3 Cellular, iPod Touch Sixth Gen, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPad Mini 4, iPad Mini 4 Cellular, iPad Pro, iPad Pro Cellular, iPad Pro 9.7, iPad Pro 9.7 Cellular, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPad 6 1 1, iPad 6 1 2, iPad 7 1, iPad 7 2, iPad 7 3, iPad 7 4, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPad 7 5, iPad 7 6, iPhone X S, iPhone X S Max, iPhone X R, iPad 8 1 2, iPad 8 3 4, iPad 8 5 6, iPad 8 7 8, iPad Mini 5, iPad Mini 5 Cellular, iPad Air 3, iPad Air 3 Cellular, iPod Touch Seventh Gen
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Last Modified: Nov 13, 2023

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Complete the game, unlocking the special ending.
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Activate Core illumination.
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Complete research objectives on Cephad-class Zoa lifeforms.
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Complete research objectives on MegaZoa.
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Waking Mars reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Simply one of the Games where years later you still say: "It is quite good the Game XXX but it just doesn't reach Wake of Mars." Now already a "Classic" for me and a unique Game that is second to none. A Game that has no Bugs, no Framedrops, an interesting and Intelligent Story, much to Discover and Experiment with and at the End you are not happy that you have it through, as with so many Games. I was suspicious myself after Gameplay Videos I've had it on the Wish List for a Long time but didn't want to buy it. The Graphics are simple but very beautiful. The Game does not involve any Violence and Fight. Apart from that, a few plant aggressive Defense Mechanisms, which, however, belong to the cycle of Biobibiotic Life. One can, for example, plant a seed that generates a Life Form that produces explosive Fruits with which you can remove roasted or destroy other Plants again in order to plant new ones. Plants can only be planted on certain Soils. The Characters are sympathetic and even very well synchronized in German, even the Robot can convince. The Game allows you to think about Time and there are no Situations where you have to make stressful decisions. It's more of a Thinking and Exploring Game with excellent Story and Backgrove information that you can retrieve at any time at the Research Center. There are even a few unlockables for the jetpack, but more is not revealed. In Principle, you start with a Seed and find other Species that you can cobinate with each other, for example by using the Aquatic Plant seeds for irrigating other Plants to give the simplest Example. For each Species, you have to find out how it reproduces, what it eats, how it dies, how you can change its state and what abilities it has (Players heal, for example). Some species cannot be planted but awaken them when you have reached a Certain Bio-level in the Field of Biodiversity etc ... You're just curious about what's coming next and want to penetrate deeper into Mars to unravel its Secrets. Thanks to the Quick Travel function you can travel problem and Timeless To all areas where you have ever been to test new Life forms. A Class Game. I wish you as much Fun as I had.
Translated by
Microsoft from Swedish
Fun and different games, I have not seen anything like this. Very entertaining. Exciting, clever, entertaining. But now I have explored and got life in all the caves, maximum with stars, core power of 36, all dialogue is that it now starts to repeat itself, my AI in the helmet has stopped talking to me, all research is done - HOW DO I COME TO THE END? No help when I happen to be late, just show how to get an alternative end. An ordinary end rcker for me. If I only knew how to get to the end, the game had five stars.
Translated by
Microsoft from Italian
I highly recommend this game. With a tour de force I finally concluded it and luckily the final part you deserve it but a walk and you get enough of the practice done before, then the different seeds are always more available. Hallucinating. The preview makes you think of a video game without too many variations where you move to caves to do not know what, but a masterpiece and in addition to the plot and animations, it is up to you to understand all sorts of life and do the deus ex machina of the situation because they come into competition and above all when you plant that with explosive seeds wherever you understand you did the cacchiata .. But it adjusts everything and if you engage in the tough part then all downhill, like the cave. A bomb!
Translated by
Microsoft from French
Superb atmosphere in which we immerses this game Before deciding to buy, I read that the game was very beautiful while the above pictures did not look so pretty and now that I have, I find it indeed superb. The animation of the elements, the zoom adapting the scene, and the caverns moving in parallax allow a graphic rendering of the most beautiful effect. Very good technical realization. The scenario, integrated especially by many dialogues in English, is interesting and participates in a normal way of the game, of the need of a French version for the non-English speakers I contact the developers who indicate sintress to produce a French version but this work did not begin for the time (cause of the necessary financing). In any case, Waking Mars is one of the best video games I've ever played in my life. In a pleasant little detail, there are several ways to finish the story (not very different but corresponding to the choices we make).
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