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Age of Wonders Shadow Magic

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Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic is the third entry in the award winning fantasy strategy series. This fan-favorite enhances the series' praised fusion of empire building, role-playing and tactical combat with the eerie Shadow World and battle with races never before seen, across new and diverse landscapes.
Combined with the option of creating a totally unique environment with the map generator and rewriting the history of this world through the enhanced campaign editor, you are ensured a constant stream of completely new game experiences.
Key features:
Features a full new Campaign with 5 episodes and 16 scenarios, with new characters and a new unfolding story. 19 stand-alone scenarios are included.
Revisions to the original 12 Age of Wonders races. Each race has a new city upgrade, which comes with a new unit. For example, the Elves can build a Secret Forest, which cloaks the town and produces Treemen.
Three entirely new races: The steppe roaming Nomads, the sinister Shadow Demons and the otherworldly Syrons.
Use diplomacy with your rivals as you see fit. Lay siege to enemy cities with a careful balance of tactical guile and magical augmentations. You might just be destined to become the greatest Wizard-King of all time.
Confront rivals in Multiplayer via a LAN or over the Internet for up to 8 players - options include Play by Email, Hot Seat, and the exciting Simultaneous-Turn System allowing all players to move at the same time!
Design your very own scenarios, heroes, items, and even new Wizards with the enhanced scenario editor, challenging others to triumph over your creation.
Use the random map generator to create new scenarios or multiplayer challenges at the click of one button!

Release date
Triumph Studios
Paradox Interactive, Triumph Studios
Age rating
Not rated
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System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 95 or later
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 300+ CPU
  • Memory: 64MB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX compatible graphic card
  • Hard Drive: 500MB hard disk
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Last Modified: Apr 26, 2020

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Age of Wonders Shadow Magic reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Total, has passed a card on eight comps, without additional cities (in fact this cheat, for the comp to build cities can not). The Game continues to fly out occasionally, but relatively to the former party, stable enough. And in the game, very chiterny AI, not bad to the word partisan (constant interception of the Nodov and other resources). In the Combat mode actively tupiet (likes to throw all the riot fighters on the nearest enemy), but does not feel the use of special abilities, especially SIM "pleased" Rocky. The game is quite decent on those years of graphics and animation, although all the characters (except the main) are almost identical. Slightly different sizes and colouring, as it does not count. Good Music (but not enough), very decent system of magic, there is some Kraft. No Chiternosti Heroev, they can be made strong enough, but terminators all-out to do hardly come out. And the heads of the Persians should be kept as the name of the eye, for if they are killed, chances to finish the map well are not so great. What about the departures. The Game loves to fly out at the end of the turn, if the computer has not yet gone. Also there are problems on the sgenised cards with the maximum number of objects. Given that other problems have not noticed, the game is quite recommend to buy. If not irritated not so now frequent departures.
Translated by
Microsoft from French
Great game! The best of the series with the first opus... Shadow Magic is at any point similar to the first but in a little less good. (The first one is so marked). A turn-based strategy gameplay, RPG aspects, management, and a large number of maps, expands by the ability to encreate yourself... Connoisseurs will be happy to quickly find their brands, and new players will be delighted to find a game not too difficult to take in hand, graphically beautiful, and really enjoyable to play... + rediscover the same captivating atmosphere of the First. + Soundtrack. (epic/fantay/SF). + Huge solo re-playability. + RPG aspects, quests, inventory, hero evolution, city management/upgrade. + Very fine graphics. + Nice map editor. + Scenario/world/characters, everything is well done. -No basic French and it will really be the only reproach. Finally, I strongly advise the amateurs of turn-by-turn strategy and faerytales. Especially to those who are bored of getting kind of games, too present, poorly done, pay to win (in case it is multi), not finished.... Etc... There you have a game ends with a storyline and a tangible universe, based on the fundamentals of heroic-fantasy.
Translated by
Microsoft from French
Age of wonders is a nice series, but I have to put a bad note, not on the game actually, but compared to steam. So red card for steam not to propose a French version on the age of wonders first, second of the name as well as on this opus, while these games are already released in French version (under title and interface) in the trade there are quite a few years. (same on full of other games, the King bounty in particular) I do not ask much a steam, just to make the effort to propose games in French, especially if these are available at the base also in French. If steam does not want to make any effort, at least not to put a description in French that could put the player in error when buying. And finally, to propose a basic option in steam so that only appear all the time that the games that made the effort to be translated into the language of the account of the potential buyer, so that it has no more ambiguity possible. Knowing the workings of the age of wonders English will spoil me part of my pleasure, but as I know the basics thanks to the age of wonders, which I have been able to play years ago, in French I should be able to get away... So if like me you are of the kind Anglophobe (the language not our English friends ^^) go your way, at least as long as steam will not make any effort.
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