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Lead your orbital battleships to victory in Flotilla! Fight, trade, and explore new planets in your journey through the galaxy. Discover upgrades and artifacts to install on your fleet ships, and engage in battle with bounty hunters and pirate space-chickens. Featuring tactically rich 3D combat, flank and surprise the enemy from any direction. And when the dust settles, generate another uniquely randomized universe for a brand-spanking new adventure!

Key features:

  • No adventure is the same: Whenever you begin an adventure, the universe is randomly populated with characters, upgrades, and encounters.
  • There is no "up" in space: Explore the tactical richness of full 3D movement. Watch your angles and flank the enemy from all directions.
  • Configure your fleet: Find loot throughout your adventures, and install upgrades and artifacts to your flotilla of ships.
  • Play with a friend: Grab a buddy and play through the adventure cooperatively in splitscreen.
  • Blow up your friend: In the Skirmish Mode, set up custom fleets and battle human or computer-controlled enemies.

Blendo Games
Blendo Games
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • Operating system: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
  • Processor: 1GHz
  • Memory: 1GB
  • Hard disk space: 80MB
  • Video: DirectX-compatible, Shader Model 1.1
  • Sound: DirectX-compatible
  • DirectX®: 9.0
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Flotilla reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
Very very simple Game but very addictive. We Control a fleet of ships. We Start with two ships and we have to travel from planet to planet. In Some we will only have to respond to a situation, as if it were a kind of role playing game. According To Our actions, in the future we can have different reactions. On Other planets we'll have to go into combat. The battles are developed in a 3D environment. We Will Have to choose between making a movement of flanking (but without being able to shoot), a movement of attack (to shoot as we move) or a focus of fire (shot to butt with very little movement). In any of the 3 we will have to draw a course marking the horizontal and vertical displacement, in addition to deciding which ship to focus On and what ship to open fire. All ships (friends and enemies) have as weak point the rear and bottom. It Is about knowing the ships and depending on the type of weapons, draw the best strategy. You play by turns. Considering that you can buy until tomorrow for €1 in Humble Bundle, I think you can ensure a few hours of fun. It's Worth a lot. Oh! Cannot save game. Every time you play, you shuffle all the "game cards" and it's a game from 0.
Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Quite a late review for this project, because now many will compare it with a bunch of other things, despite the date of release. I Have ' Flotilla ' appeared in 2011, then such function as "reviews" was not yet in the Stame. ' Flotilla ' is a strategic bagel, so to speak. Fights Step-by first you indicate to each ship of the fleet of the point of displacement, their position in space (X, Y. Z), and further on the axes of the ship-and it is important! Much depends on the position of objects, because each has unprotected areas of the hull, even the largest and most powerful ship. After The task is specified, a 30-Second battle animation is held in which you will see the results of your decisions. Ships can be improved by finding, extracting or buying different modules: speed improvements, armor of a certain direction (front/top/side...) and counteraction to certain types of damage. Players ' FTL: Faster Then Light ' can find a lot of similar and interesting, but on a large scale, rather than one on one. Moving around the world and the story itself occurs on a map with many (or not many) planets, you just need to specify where to fly, and the events themselves will find you. There are many Events and they are different, although they can be repeated. Sometimes It may depend on someone's life, and sometimes yours. But If you think well, you can find a way out even from the most extreme case. Someone can complain about the graphic design. I will tell them that in this game it is as it is impossible to fit in Entourage-everything is not easy, except, periodically, the process itself. The Game has a multiplayer: a cooperative for two or just a fight without a plot to 3VS3 players, where you can specify different parameters of the fleet. But you can only play on condition that you have different controls! Controller + controller or Keyboard + Controller, because everything happens on the splitter and the commands you hand out at the same time, so that the open does not give the enemy to view the specified actions. That'S probably all I wanted to say about the Flotilla. The Game is interesting and especially pleasant in the joint pastime. Thank you.
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