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Shift 2: Unleashed (Unleashed) Need for Speed: Shift. The sequel expands on many aspects that were introduced in the original. The game offers 148 cars from 36 manufacturers and 35 different tracks on which players can compete in several types of races. The game is not overloaded with plot details, not directly related to car racing. The main character is a novice racer who wants to become a champion - and that’s it! The same approach is seen in many other characteristics of the game. In particular, in the organization of management and in the system of admission to the following levels. Much has been done in these things easier than one might have expected. At the same time, the game is a full-fledged car racing simulator - you need to control different cars in different ways, in full dependence on engine power, front or rear wheel drive, as well as on tuned systems installed on the car, parts and corresponding settings. Even one detail can significantly change the ride. The creators of the game emphasize the difference between arcade type games and car simulators - and refer Shift 2: Unleashed to the genre of realistic car simulators. This is a game about real life. In contrast to the realistic movement of cars, the racetracks in the game do not always repeat their real prototypes. However, all changes in the configuration of the tracks are undertaken in order to make the game more interesting. Innovations Among the main innovations of the game are: an in-helmet camera, a hot dog. 'Helmet-camera' - allowing you to observe the game through the eyes of a car pilot. The image of this camera, respectively, is completely dependent on the movement of the pilot's head during the race. The camera shakes, tilts when cornering, jerks forward in collisions. And if the car goes at high speeds, the image of the camera simulates the blurring of the field of view, typical of the human vision in similar situations. Finally, if the car and the pilot get into such an accident, in which the camera should break, it breaks and the player’s point of view returns to normal observation. Training Hey, it’s not a bad idea. champion. In the career mode, players learn driving skills from reputable teachers, with a total of about ten world-class instructors in the game. For example, Vaughn Gittin, a Formula D Champion talks about the career of a pilot in general, how to customize the car, Autolog, teaches how to drift.
Metacritic rating
Release date
Mar 8, 2011
Electronic Arts
Slightly Mad Studios
Electronic Arts, EA
Age rating
10+ Everyone 10+
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
This is my first Review, because it really realizes what I am being presented here for 20 Euros. I was thrilled With NfS titles like Carbon and Most Wanted (05), as well as titles like The Run or Hot Pursuit. The Feeling-depending on the Category Underground, Race or Pursuit-has always fit. Since I bought a new Car and wanted to drive through the green Hell virtually (20 Euros are much cheaper than any Accident that happens!), I researched the Audi TT 3.2, Nürburgring And that it supports my Steering Wheel Driving Force GT. Virtually the only Game was Need for Speed Shift 2. So good: EA, I'm buying! After just 10 Minutes of Playing in the Audi S3, I quickly realize that despite the relevant Announcement of Logitech and EA, the Game is completely and not suitable. The Audi has far too little maximum Steering impact. He doesn't like to like to go along the Curves on the Ideal Line (Help all but ABS), no matter what speed and how doll I turn the Steering Wheel. A Little more "Reactivity" could be achieved by limiting the virtual Impact from 900 to 90 Degrees (!)-now I can still Steer, but the maximum Steering impact is still much too "straight." So well, everything is set back to Standard, I just have to throw the Handlebars around like a Tractor. In the second Event Category, you're allowed to drive the Lotus Exige S sample-and Boy, if Lotus knew how EA mistreated her Piece of jewelry, I think they'd sue EA! Here the Steering VIEL is too sensitive, the Lotus breaks out on every Straight, a Glide around the Curve is very spongy and a nimble Maneuvering for Overtaking is not to be thought of! For such a lightweight Sports car, which with a super low WEIGHT With a moderate Horsepower number is actually considered to be the Curve Predator par excellence, it drives itself like an inflated Musclecar with a rear Focus. Like a BMW with oily Rear Tyres and over 400ps. Like a Porsche on Ice. In the second Event Category there is also a Test Track for a Porsche. Unfortunately, I can't say more that this Route hangs as the (so far) only one as soon as the Loading Screen arrives. For a Game that is 3 Years old, you can no longer justify such Patzers. My PC is a normal i7 Notebook with normal Windows 7 and current Drivers of any Kind-nothing exotic. A Solution after the Problem with Google was inconclusive-so some Routes will probably not be playable at all. It is a Cheekiness to button off 20 euros for a 3-Year-old Game in which the Handling is so "multifaceted bad" that one car can be steered almost not sparing and the other Car even with a Straight (and a Steering Wheel Deadzone of 1%) Not exactly lets you drive. If problems still remain unpatched, this is not a Racing Game, but an Insult to all Fans. Too bad you can't give Games back, and too bad EA will never read this Recession. One thing I know: For me, EA died as a Sports Game Manufacturer! I prefer to stick to Drift 3, there is a Car as it should, without hours of Poultry and "newcomer" how to steer. There it was possible to realize that an Off-road vehicle 4WD drives differently from a Fiesta FWD-and yet authentic and feasible.
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