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Tron 2.0

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Update Notes

10/21/2014 Build (417111) • TronLauncher.exe now uses .NET 3.5 Client Profile for compatibility with Windows XP. Added .NET 3.5 Client Profile redistributable. 10/20/2014 Build (415656) • Added TronLauncher.exe to resolve a compatibility issue with the cloud save. 10/15/2014 Build (411009) • Fixed disc check error appearing when there is no optical drive present. • The game no longer resets user preferences each time it is launched.

About the GameAlan Bradley has finally perfected the technology to digitize people, which allows humans to enter the internal world of a computer. His program, ""Ma3a,"" has AI sophisticated enough to store the entire gene code of a person and the mathematical equations necessary to transfer people back and forth between the physical and digital world. However, fCon -- Future Control Industries -- has learned of Alan's research and is moving to take over the company. When Alan disappears mysteriously, finding him is up to Jet, his son. Jet uses his father's technology to enter the computer world and, while investigating his father's disappearance, discovers a sinister plot. Four ""primitive"" weapons -- disk, rod, ball, and mesh -- are encountered in the computer world, though the disk is the only weapon that can be used both offensively and defensively. Jet will also ride light-cycles, both the classic cycle from the 1982 film and a new ""experimental"" update from designer Syd Mead (also responsible for the original light-cycle design).
Release date
Monolith Productions
Climax Group
Lavastorm Analytics
Disney Interactive, Buena Vista Interactive
Age rating
13+ Teen

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1
  • Processor: Pentium III or AMD Athlon 500MHz Processor
  • Memory: 256 MB RAM
  • Graphics: 32MB Direct3D compatible Video Card with Hardware T&L and 32-bit color
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 2458 MB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX compatible 16-bit Sound Card
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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    Tron 2.0 reviews and comments

    Translated by
    Microsoft from Russian
    Welcome to the Grid, program. One of the forgotten classics that looks and plays well even today. Although the game of bearded 2003, it looks at least worthy thanks to the style. But not the style of a single game is wonderful. If anyone did not know, the Throne is made based on the old film Throne of the 1982 model. And If the film was created by people who quite conventionally imagined how it all works, the game was made by Spectsy, who are definitely versed in this. Kuucha jokes for those who are in the subject, however, even if you are a little versed in it, you will enjoy the dialogues and monologues. And the gameplay at the height. The Balance is harsh, but honest. You can kill the enemy with a single drive, but also it can lower you half the hits with a successful shot. Weapons have an unusual look and name, but soon you realize that these are all the same shotguns and snipers. There are disadvantages, such as the same energy is spent on various actions (hacking, loading, unzip, etc.) and on the shots of weapons. And as a result, you have to use the disc more, and get the rest of the weapons on holidays. But The disadvantages are really insignificant (above I wrote the biggest minus of the game), but where else can you look at the work of Kernela, see How the formatting looks and where else you can ride on a light motorcycle? Answer: only here. Therefore Welcome to the Grid. For those who have problems with the launch of the game. If at the first start of the game the Trims endlessly round the additions to the register, you need to do the following: Close the trims (fully)-> find the file Tron. exe in the folder with the game-> go to file properties-> Compatibility-> uncheck the "Run program in Compatibility Mode "-> Press Apply-> run file as administrator-> Enjoy the game. After that the game will start in the steam and repeat these actions no longer necessary.
    Translated by
    Microsoft from Russian
    Tron 2.0 or the last sigh of Monolith before buying studio WB In the Tron universe no one was waiting for the Continuation of the 1982 film with Jeff Briggs and Bruce Bocsletner starring. By the Way games on the first film came 9 games. And the best remains Tron Arcade (on Steam it will not find, only on XBOX LIVE). And After 21 years comes the continuation of Tron in the form of a game. 7 years later in 2010 comes Tron Legasy. The Film has become a olicitvorenie of progress in a slang Tron and a couple of cult characters: Kvorra, KLU, etc. And simultaneously with the film came out normal-disgusting Tron Evolution. At the same time Monolith cooked Midle-Earth Shadow of Mordor. But that's another story. The Story In the 1980s, Kevin Flynn entered the world inside the computer after it was "digitized." With the help of a security program named Tron, Flynn defeated the tyrant of the PMK (Program Master of Control). After The destruction of this powerful program, the ability to digitize was lost. The game unfolds 20 years after the events described in the movie Tron. Flynn left the company a long time ago, handing the "helm" to Alan Bradley, the creator of the Throne. Alan developed a computer system Ma3a (read "Ma-Tri-a"), possessing artificial intelligence. With the help of Ma3a, it was again possible to transfer the person inside the computer and back. The discovery Of Alan was recognized by fCon Corporation (future Control Industries) and, after the failure of negotiations on the purchase of the firm, Alan disappears mysteriously. Alan was kidnapped at the time he was on the phone with his son, Jet. The One, suspected to be wrong, goes to the laboratory where his father worked. There he discovers scattered on the floor of paper and a working terminal. He asks Ma3a where his father is, but Ma3a, believing that Jet is only "Alan-2", instead of answering informs him that she needs help (the system via E-Mail penetrated the virus and cope with it independently it is not able). Jet is surprised and asks what she means. Instead, he hears that some protocol of "unforeseen circumstances" ("Contingency protocol activated.") has been activated. Jet requires Ma3a to stop, but Ma3a directs the laser digitizing directly on the Jet and that is transferred directly to the computer world... Pros + Plot + Characters + Weapons + Soundtrack + Multiplayer Cons-Localization Score 9.0/10 Score Kvorra 10/10 Score Gambling 9.0/10
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