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Delta Force — Black Hawk Down: Team Sabre

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Delta Force — Black Hawk Down: Team Sabre is the official expansion pack to the #1 best selling PC game in North America. Team Sabre was developed using the Delta Force — Black Hawk Down engine and it requires the mother product to run.
The game is a military-based shooter but the missions are fictitious and not based on any actual real events. The expansion follows the Team Sabre Squadron as they are deployed to take out targets and carry out mission objectives in two separate single player campaigns (approximately 5 missions each) that take place in Columbia and Iran. The multiplayer feature boasts 30 new maps and an enhanced level of mod support for players to build their own unique maps.
The highlight of this expansion pack is that it features lush jungle terrain, never seen before to this extent in a Delta Force game. This also adds an exciting element to gameplay in both the single and multiplayer game.
features subject to change
Feature Breakdown
2 all new single player campaigns that take place in treacherous South American jungle terrain and across islands in the Persian Gulf.
New Weapons & Vehicles: Select from 24 weapons to achieve your mission objectives, including 3 new to the series, the H&K G3A3, H&K G36E and the H&K PSG1 Sniper Rifle. New modes of transport include the MH-53M PaveLow IV helicopter and the RHIB Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat.
Free unrivaled multiplayer mayhem — up to 64 players via NovaWorld and up to 50 players on a LAN (tbd).
30 new multiplayer maps.
Uses an enhanced version of the Delta Force — Black Hawk Down engine with mod-support features for building unique multiplayer battlefields.
A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Warrior Foundation

Release date
Ritual Entertainment
Ubisoft Entertainment, THQ Nordic, 1C Company, Sierra Entertainment, ak tronic Software & Services, NovaLogic, Global Software Publishing
Age rating
13+ Teen

System requirements for PlayStation 2

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP, Vista
  • Processor: Pentium 4 1.4 GHz or Higher
  • Memory: 512 MB
  • Graphics: 64 MB 3D Card
  • Hard Drive: 750 MB
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Last Modified: Jun 9, 2023

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Delta Force — Black Hawk Down: Team Sabre reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Tactical shooter. Several companies are offered For passage. Each of them Has their own musical accompaniment and dialogues of heroes. Some missions are accompanied by documentary video inserts. It is worth mentioning the difficult tasks "to survive" and the ability to change the entire Arsenal during the game (in some missions). The disadvantages are low quality graphics and the point-landmark does not always indicate the right place. Special Thanks for the editor of Maps and missions. Recommend!
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
A really VERY good Game that feels very good and also looks relatively good in my opinion. You really think you're a Soldier in Iraq or a Member of the SAS. The Missions are quite exciting and are very well incidental without being deprived of Your control or there are annoying cutsenes. The Battles are challenging and often you have to be quite tactical, especially in Securing rooms or in the house fight. The only Criticism in my opinion is the very limited Range of secondary weapons, but this is really meckling on Most highest niveau.10/10 Points. Clear Buy recommendation
Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
Official Expansion of Delta Force Black Hawk Down. It Requires having the base game to be able to play this expansion. Team Sabre is composed of two campaigns: one set in Colombia and another in Iran. Unlike its predecessor, this game is much more difficult because in many missions we will have fewer save points, for example 3. This gives a more difficult tone to the missions to be able to pass them. While others are very large mapped, you will have a maximum of 6 saved points so that you have less difficulty. Basically, this expansion has the same gameplay only that adding new models of enemies, new weapons, new dialogues, etc. Highly recommended to continue enjoying one of the best military simulation experiences offered by Novalogic.
Translated by
Microsoft from Italian
Despite not too much love the action games "frenetic" (so much so that I love the first two episodes of the series, where there was much more preparation for missions and strategy).. Well, I have to say it took me a long way. The campaigns are very nice, especially the first in Somalia and the last in Iran (while the one in Colombia did not make me crazy honestly). Something I did not particularly liked:-The impossibility to move as I want in the map, characteristic of the first two episodes. If I want to approach the lens in a certain way, why the heck do you have to ban it? The map is vast.. And I would like to use it as I like. -If I clean an area, why should other enemies still appear in the same? If I cleaned it and put it in safety.. Sometimes I literally appeared in front of me, with heart attack:D Apart From these flaws, the game I recommend it to all.. Because in my opinion it deserves. Played at the intermediate level I would say that the difficulty is acceptable, although some missions are difficult, and the enemies sometimes have a really good view.
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