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Return to Castle Wolfenstein

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Return to Castle Wolfenstein is an FPS developed within Wolfenstein franchise in 2001. It rebooted the series and was the fifth part of the intellectual property. The game functions on the Quake III: Arena engine.


The whole series and the Return, in particular, depict the events of the World War II. The game tells a story of the year 1943 and follows the story arc of the agent Blazkowicz and Agent One who infiltrated the Nazi base and found themselves captured and sent to the Castle Wolfenstein. The narrative centers around their escape past the overpowered enemies called "übersoldaten" and figuring out the solution to the multiple mazes.


The game is one of the progenitors of the corridor shooters — the notion has not been spoiled yet, and the strictly linear games were the classics of the genre. Although the title exploits the basic mechanics of shooting enemies and moving around the territory, the player is suggested with some firearms and tools.
There is a multiplayer which is based on a number of the quests and two teams set to accomplish them. The team who achieves the primary goal first wins. There are three modes: an objective, stopwatch, and checkpoint. Objective aims at the fulfilling the goal, and stopwatch controls the progress achieved within the period, and checkpoint fixes the progress at its milestones.

System requirements for PC

3-D Hardware Accelerator (with 16MB VRAM with full OpenGL® support; Pentium® II 400 Mhz processor or Athlon® processor; English version of Windows® 2000/XP Operating System; 128 MB RAM; 16-bit high color video mode; 800 MB of uncompressed hard disk space for game files (Minimum Install), plus 300 MB for the Windows swap file; a 100% Windows® 2000/XP compatible computer system (including compatible 32-bit drivers for video card, sound card and input devices); 100% DirectX® 8.0a (included); 100% DirectX 3.0 or higher compatible sound card and drivers; 100% Microsoft-compatible mouse/keyboard and driver
Multiplayer Requirements: Internet (TCP/IP) and LAN (TCP/IP and IPX) play supported, Internet play requires a 100% Windows 2000/XP compatible 56.6 Kbps (or faster) modem
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    Return to Castle Wolfenstein reviews and comments

    The game that forced me to actually get good at FPS games. Mostly unremarkable, but fundamentally sound in all aspects.
    Translated by
    Microsoft from Deutsch
    The Prototype of a modern Ego-shooter with a diverse Plot-a Mix of three Genres, many different, atmospheric Locations and Opponents and the classic FPS game mechanics. A Milestone not to be missed with a favorable Price Situation. I'm just playing through it for the umpteenth Time. Addendum: To RtCW there is the "VENOM" mod, which provides numerous Improvements especially to graphics, especially the Weapon skins, but also to AI. This will polish up the Game quite nicely: http://www.moddb.com/mods/rtcw-venom-mod As a Complement or Alternative, the slightly younger "Oversoldier 2" Comes into Question, which seems to be a Tribute to RtCW. Even this Game won't disappoint FPS fans despite the Age. But at the end of The day, "The Old Blood" IS THE valid Reinterpretation of the RtCW fabric, although much shorter than the Original.
    Translated by
    Microsoft from Deutsch
    Return to Castle Wolfenstein is and will remain one of the oldest and probably BEST war games with an Occult Nazi theme that even neut-to-days still knows how to convince and has by no means lost Its Fun. Of course, it has already come a little longer and therefore doesn't really look fresh, but that doesn't make a good Game worse and still play the way it did back then. On the Story: The Player slips into the Role of the US agent "B.J. Blazkowicz," who is supposed to find out what the Germans are planning at Wolfenstein Castle. During the course of the game, he learns from Heinrich Himmler'S occult plans and genetic Experiments to create an "Oversoldier data," which he tries to prevent/thwart throughout the course Of The game. Very clear and thoughtless purchase recommendation for any shooter fan who likes to like it a bit more demanding and "special:D"
    Translated by
    Microsoft from French
    This game is a Pearl, the variety of weapons, the environments of all different levels, the Nazi, zombies, robots wants you there. It may seem odd for a game like this but I still let myself be taken by the story I find it nice and the immersion is quite strong; Either you play nag or in Fufu mode a bit to the dishonored thanks to the controls to be able to lean right to left really cool to listen to the conversations. Only downside for my part is the really pushed AI that will spot you and hear you at 10km and that aims like a God and sometimes you can kill a Nazi buddy next to another Nazi buddy the guy will pick up nothing so here it depends. And then why give us a Thompson machine gun when there's no ammunition in the game practically you just have a simple charger. Otherwise very good game I recommend but should not be afraid of the old school level graphics and gameplay, fortunately the mods are there
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